Mermaid fabric

Mermaid Fabric: For Your Sewing Adventures

What kind of mermaid fabric are you looking for? Before we start, let me tell you about the 4 main types. The first and most popular is the mermaid sequin fabric mainly used for mermaid pillows. Next is the spandex and polyester kind. This fabric is mainly used for swimsuit, mermaid tails, or mermaid legging material.  Next you have the cotton fabric that is used for clothing like pajama pants or baby blankets. Last but not least is fleece which…

mermaid sequin fabric

Mermaid Sequin Fabric – For Mermaid Pillows And More!

Have you ever heard of mermaid sequin fabric before? Watch this quick video and see the magic in action! A creative spin on mermaid fabric! Soothing right? Well, you can use this fabric to make a plethora of things. Keep reading to find out: Where to buy What project you can make with mermaid sequin fabric What sequins are Sewing with sequins How to recognize quality mermaid sequin fabric Where can I find it? Great question! I recently went to…

Mermaid Pillow? Take My Money! Maintenance and Product Review 2017

If you haven't heard of a Mermaid Pillow before, get ready! They are so fun just to watch. Who knew sequins could be so entertaining? Anyone else feel better after watching this? There are plenty of places to purchase the Mermaid pillows online ranging from $10-$150 depending on where you look. They first became popular back in January of 2016 when a newscaster stumbled across some and filmed it. Since then, they have only grown in popularity. If you are interested in knowing…