Mermaid Makeup


MaskCara Beauty Review

Maskcara Beauty Products For Mermaids

Hello Fellow Mermaids! I recently went on a hunt to find a great makeup brand for my mermaids. Weather you are doing a photo shoot, or changing lives at a birthday party, you need something that will make you look fabulous, AND last all day. The makeup line Maskcara Beauty is about to take the makeup industry by storm. Not only are these products cruelty and toxin free, they are vegan as well!  With compact cases and customizable pallets, you…

Mermaid Glitter Makeup – Ideas And Tutorials

Mermaid glitter makeup! Are you getting ready for a photo shoot or a halloween party? In addition to your wavey hair or mermaid braid, add in some mermaid glitter makeup! Mermaids can get away with shining like this all year round but it's fun to go all out every once in a while. These tutorials below will hopefully give you some good ideas with what you can do to sparkle. Glitter sparkle Roots I had never seem this before. How fun!…