Mermaid Glitter Makeup – Ideas And Tutorials

December 10, 2016

Mermaid glitter makeup!

Are you getting ready for a photo shoot or a halloween party? In addition to your wavey hair or mermaid braid, add in some mermaid glitter makeup! Mermaids can get away with shining like this all year round but it’s fun to go all out every once in a while.

These tutorials below will hopefully give you some good ideas with what you can do to sparkle.

Glitter sparkle Roots

I had never seem this before. How fun! You can buys this online or make your own with glitter and hair gel. Can’t go wrong! I love the stars in this tutorial.


Add some of that Glitter under your eyes along with the roots!

The best results will have different types and sizes of glitter but the same tone of colors. More examples below! 

Flake Glitter shine

Flake Glitter is easily added as eye shadow. The smokey eyes really help the sparkles pop.


Make your Flake Glitter more extravagant or pull toward other areas of your face.

twinkling Rhinestones

These are easily found at any craft store. You can apply these rhinestones with left over eye fake lash glue.


Rhinestone stickers

I found the Rhinestone nail stickers were prefect for adding some sparkle, and are really cheap in price.


I hope this has given you some great ideas on how you can sparkle up your costume this year!

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