Finis Luna Monofin For Mermaids – Review and Promocode

October 29, 2019

If you are interested in a comfortable way to improve your dolphin kick as a mermaid, look into the Finis Luna Monofin! Not all monofins are created equal and there are things that should be considered before buying. In this review, you will learn about the company Finis (pronounced fin-niece) and why the Luna Monofin is a great addition to your mermaid collection!

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Quick Finis Luna Monofin Review $69.99-$89.99

Quick Summary

The Finis Luna Monofin is a great choice for mermaids out there looking to improve their dolphin kick. Not only does this tail have realistic flexibility to it, but it also has realistic scales and ribs for detail along the fluke adding to the experience. The ankle straps are somewhat stretchy and are very minimal under a tail skin for esthetics. The toes do have an opening for those who worry it might not fit but the genius behind the design is the toes actually stick out behind the monofin rather than in front.  It’s extremely comfortable to swim in and has a lighter weight so it’s easy to carry back and forth from the water. Finis doesn’t sell mermaid tail skins but the Luna will fit certain brands that you may already have in your collection.  The kick isn’t as powerful as other Monofins that Finis provides. The Luna is a great introduction to the mermaid world for those who are not ready to wear a full tail, or those mermaids looking to get in a good workout and don’t want to lug around a full tail. Keep reading for more a more detailed review!

Finis as a company

Finis is a California-based swim company solely focused on improving swimmers’ ability to move through the water. Their mission statement is all about “simplifying swimming.” As mermaids, we understand the water and will take all the help we can get. These guys are all about creating high-quality, innovative swimming products to help swimmers of all levels feel more comfortable in the water.

They are truly the experts in understanding the connection between body movements and the water.


We simplify swimming through innovation, high-quality products, and a commitment to education.


We exist to help every person in the world enjoy the water.

Finis History

Even though Finis has many swim assisting products, it all started with the monofin back in 1988. John Mix (the founder) discovered the monofin in Austria and wanted to bring the idea back to the United States but due to some family problems had to postpone until 1992. It was 1993 when the first monofin prototype was created with a rubber foot pocket mounted onto a single fiberglass blade. From there, other swim-assisted products were created like the Swimmer’s Snorkel, Tech Toc, Hydro Hip, and Freestyler Paddles. Some of their products could seem strange at first glance but everything has an element of education uniquely designed to help improve different strokes.

Mermaid Monofins

In 2007, Johns’s wife Paula was inspired by the mermaid movement and suggested designing a monofin that appealed to the mermaid community. Great idea Paula! The first design was called the “Mermaid” then the Aquarius was created shortly after. These are great for kids but the innovation didn’t stop there. Paula and her crew saw the mermaid community wasn’t only for kids, but adults loved it too!


The Mermaid – $29.99
The Aquarius – $31.99-$39.99

Introducing the Finis Luna Monofin!

Finis Luna Monofin In 2017, the Finis Luna Monofin was created. It’s designed purely of silicone and has some really cool features that the mermaid community is all about. It’s great for beginner mermaids who may be a little nervous to go swimming in a full tail, or a mermaid that wants to get in a good workout at the pool but doesn’t want to lug around a heavy tail.

Finis Luna Monofin
The Luna Monofin – $69.99-$89.99

Discount code: EverythingMermaid

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Monofin design

This monofin shape is an esthetically pleasing crescent-shaped mermaid fluke with ribs and scales for detail. The material is pure silicone which makes for a very realistic movement underwater. Because there isn’t much resistance against the fluke in the water, the kick isn’t as powerful as some of the other Finis monofins. Most mermaids I know don’t mind as it’s more about the experience and looking like a real mermaid.

Finis Luna Monofin The foot holes are separated which makes a swim more comfortable as your ankles and knees aren’t sandwiched together. There are toe openings for comfort, but the openings are on the back of the fluke which is a genius and unique aspect to the fin. This allows water to flow through the monofin but still stay true to the mermaid experience. If you use this fin in a tail at a birthday party and a little one curiously feels for your toes, they won’t find anything except the ribs of your fluke. Pretty neat!

The ankle straps are also silicone, have a slight stretch to them, and are adjustable for those growing kids.  I did have some trouble with initially putting the fin on as the silicone buttons can break loose from the strap if pulled too hard. However, once secured, it will stay put while swimming.

Finis Luna Monofin

The look to the straps around the ankle is very minimal compared to other fins for better esthetics under fabric tails. Some monofins will give you a “duck feet” or a bulky ankles look but the Luna doesn’t protrude at all. Even though Finis doesn’t sell a “tail skin” these fins have been known to fit under current tail maker brands like Suntails, Mermaid Kat, and even Finfun tails!

Finis Luna Monofin

Monofin sizes and colors

There are currently two sizes, small and medium. These two sizes will cover most men and women sizes as the straps are adjustable. There are also only two styles of color. One is a blue and green Enchanted Emerald and Mystic melon with light green and berry red.

Finis Luna Monofin

Comfort and Agility

The monofin is lighter than other silicone monofins on the market. This is nice as it’s easier to handle and carry around to the pool and back. I personally prefer a silicone monofin vs the other plastic monofins as they tend to be more comfortable and put less stress on my ankles. Again, the kick isn’t as strong but unless I am going for time, or swimming in the ocean, I don’t really care. The realistic movements are way more fun as I play under the water. If you like the Finis brand for monofins and looking for a silicone tail, Finfolk does use other Finis monofins (Competitor, Shooter, and Trainer 1) for their Silicone Tails.

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Finis Luna Monofin As far as agility goes, I feel I can do every trick and don’t feel the fluke is prohibiting me in any way. It almost feels like an extension of my body. The lighter resistance also makes it easier on the ankles if you ever feel a strain while using fins.

Customer service and website

The Finis website is easy to navigate and has a lot of swim equipment. There is a mermaid section that you can buy mermaid goggles, caps, and even “fin covers” if you would like. I haven’t had a bad experience with their customer service as everyone has responded to questions within 24 hours.


Finis Luna Monofin The cost is between 69.89-$89.99, depending on what size you get, including with free shipping with anything over $75. This is fairly standard for a monofin but the price goes down 20% with my promo code: EverythingMermaid30 so make sure to use it when purchasing!

Discount code: EverythingMermaid

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conclusion: The Finis Luna Monofin

This pure silicone monofin is a great one to have for your mermaid collection. The material and detail really make the mermaid experience as it’s light enough you can take it back and forth from the pool no problem. Finis doesn’t sell mermaid skins but these monofins will fit a few brands that you may already have in your closets such as Suntails, Mermaid Kat, or even Finfun tails making your mermaid tail look even more realistic.

Finis Luna Monofin

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