Mermaid Kat Tail Review

April 18, 2017

Mermaid Kat Tail Review and Discount Code

The anticipation was intense. I knew my Mermaid Kat Tail was at the front office of my apartment complex just waiting for me.  I came home on my lunch break because I couldn’t wait until 5:30pm. There it was, a huge box just waiting for me. If I wasn’t on such a “mermaid high” I would have recorded me opening it. Hopefully you enjoy my Mermaid Kat Tail Review as much as I did writing it.

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A little background on Mermaid Kat

 If you haven’t heard of Mermaid Kat then watch out! She is an underwater mermaid model, mermaid tail creator and mermaid trainer based in Perth, Western Australia. Kat works as an underwater stunt model and professional mermaid for international underwater productions and events. She is also the founder of her mermaid school and mermaid shop.



Mermaid Kat Fabric Tail and Summary

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  • Fabric Quality
  • Customer Service
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Review Summary


I love the “easy to use” design of the tail. Inserting the Monofin into fabric tail is smooth, and the zipper aspect helps with photography.

I recommend this tail for ocean underwater free diving for adults that know how to swim. The monofin is super quality and moves you faster than any other monofin that I have tried. The design and colors are beautiful!


The fabric isn’t as thick as I would like and was see-through around my hips. The monofin is larger so the ability to do tricks is limited. The zipper aspect is nice for photography but because of the monofin shape, you have thicker F-ankles (Fin+ankle) that can look off in photos but not to bad as you can see!


What I liked most about the Monofin, was the size. This is a high-end free diving monofin that gets you through the water quick without exerting much force and energy. The feet inserts are adjustable and easy to take off. It is comfortable and secure when in use.

NOTE: The downside to the large size are the higher chances of scrapping it on the bottom of the pool or other objects which could damage the fabric tail while swimming.

The Monofin fits perfectly into the fabric tail, then zips to complete. The zipper feature allows for this size of this Monofin, as well as an opening to adjust the straps on your feet before zipping.


Because this is a high-end free diving monofin, it is designed for the ocean. The sturdiness of the fin is ideal for swimming.

Note: Silicone tails are better for photography on land adding a realistic curve to the fin.

Fit and design of Tail

The design is easy to insert the monofin at the bottom. I recommend inserting the fin first, then while sitting, put on the tail half way (to your knees) and adjust your feet with straps through open zipper. Then stand up to put the rest of your tail on and zip. When complete, the zipper becomes invisible adding to the design and realistic look of the tail.

The waist came up to the right length, just below my belly button.

I think I could have gone a size up as the fabric stretched across my “behind” and became slightly see threw in the sun. It was great for swimming as it suctioned to my skin. There is no drag anywhere. Mermaid Kat also sent me the swim suit that was a little to small for me so it is not features in the pictures.


I LOVE the pattern. The two tone realistic look is great. The scales on the main body of the tail, then the flank has a realistic fish tail patter that goes with the shaped Monofin.  This fabric a polyester spandex mix specially designed for swimming. It will last longer than most fabrics as it is designed for water. Be careful on land with your fabric tail! Sad to say my tail got a little scuffed up when doing the photo shoot. 🙁

Customer Service

They were friendly, responsive, and helpful every time I contacted them.  I have worked in customer service a big portion of my life and appreciate quality when I get it. It speaks volumes about a company how the customer service team response and reacts to their customers. Great job guys!


The full combined package of Monofin, tail, and swimsuit are $150. If you buy them separately, the break down goes:

So you get a discount with the whole package.  I feel the price is very reasonable for the size of Monofin, quality of fabric, and zipper function of the tail.


I really enjoyed doing this post and recommend Mermaid Kat fabric tails for Merfolk who know how to swim in open water.

Make sure to sure to check out Mermaid Kat!  She has a lot going on!


Photography credits go to the amazing Elise Airmet

Location: Bull Creek Park, Austin Texas

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    1. Hi! Thank you for the thorough review ! Could you please tell me which colour of the tail is this? I really liked it, but when I looked at the shop of Mermaid Kat and somehow neither teal not green look like the one you have 🙂

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