The 2 tails Discount Code

The 2 Tails Discount Code

The 2 Tails discount code for 10% off


ThE 2 tails is great for performers, kids, and for traveling purposes. It is made to fit in a suitcase and super durable no matter which way you fold it.

I loved the diversity in the tails but be aware that the Siren tail fits small. I think the Sunset Coral tail was a curvey tail which made it long for my torso. The fabric for both is quality. My only complaint is the silver strip on the side of the Siren felt scratchier when wet.

The monofin is esthetically pleasing and modeled after Cirque de Soleil! It is not that painful of a process to separate the tail and monofin as you think. It can be done if you need to wash your tail. If not, just hang the whole thing up to dry.

The ankles are close together and I felt mine touch when swimming. This could be my weak ankles but wanted to note it.

If you are looking for a good mermaid tail to travel with this is it! It’s small enough to fit in a suitcase and flexible enough to be bent in any direction you need!

Greyson Carlyle
Morgan Miller
Instagram: @morgmille
Natasha Olfati
Instagram: @natashaoh