Which Mermaid Monofin Is Right For You?

January 22, 2020

So you want to swim like a mermaid, do you? Well, luckily you have some choices for mermaid monofins to help you get that kick down. Each monofin has different features and price points so it’s nice to know what’s out there. If you are new to the mermaid scene you might want to go with something more flexible and cost-effective to get your ankles and leg muscles used to the movements. Check out these options below and let me know in the comments below which one you choose!


Let’s start with a good basic monofin from Finfun. These are made from a flexible flat plastic cut out covered in swimmable polyester fabric with two-foot holes. You really can’t get any more basic than this. However, you might not need more than this starting out! It’s simple and comfortable (especially for those kiddos).  You won’t get through the water speedily but when learning the basics, you don’t need to. Their fabric mermaid tails and durable and more cost-effective than other brands.

If you are interested in a Fin Fun monofin, use this %10 off discount code for a tail and fin!


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FinFun Tail


Are you worried that you (or a loved one) are going to destroy your monofin in one summer? Check out Suntails monofin! They are still on the basic side with being flat plastic, but they have some cool fluke designs and thick edges so if you scratch them up against the bottom of the pool it’s not a big deal. Did I mention they have a guarantee for life for durability? They do!

As you can see above, the foot pocket is more complex and has some velcro straps so your feet will feel more secure. Be aware! Because of the thickness of the monofin, you could have some soreness in the ankles if you are a beginner.

If interested in their tails, they have some great skins with matching tops and leggings! Use this 10% off coupon when purchasing!


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Mermaid Linden

Body Glove Adult Mermaid Linden Monofin
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If you are involved in the mermaid world, you must have heard of Mermaid Linden! Truth be told, I met her once and she is just as perfect in person. Seriously. I’m so glad there is a mermaid role model like her in the mermaid community.

Within the last few years, she has designed a really great monofin that is not only comfortable but super functional. The shape resembles her signature “fin” she wears and has separated foot pockets and flexible ankle straps for comfort. This is a great “step up” from a basic monofin if you are looking to get some more ground coverage by your kicks. The monofin is flexible in the water so it looks realistic, and gives you great movement in the water. I have yet to hear about someone complain about this monofin.

She does have some mermaid skins that you can put over your legs but doesn’t cover the monofin. If you want more of a realistic mermaid look while using this monofin, check out Mertailors Guppy Tails!

Mermaid Kat

*The link above is for the same brand of monofin, but the Mermaid Kat monofin has a more distinct fluke that you will recognize as a mermaid fin. If you get the monofin for the link above, it will have the same swimming effect, but will not fit the mermaid kat tail skins.

Get ready to move! This monofin is a professional scuba diving fin that is the biggest Mermaid one on the market. Definitely designed for more experienced swimmers and should be worn out in open water to avoid scratching on pool surfaces.

Depending on your experience, you may feel fatigued in your ankles when first wearing the fin as it requires more muscle as it can be harder to maneuver in the water. This specific brand comes from Mermaid Kat who has a mermaid tail skins to go along with the monofin. Check out her Shop and use the %5 discount code:


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Finis Luna Monofin

Any swimmers out there that want a high-quality lap pool monofin? If speed and efficiency is your goal, the Finis Monofin is definitely for you. These guys are the experts in drive and propulsion through the water. They are more on the expensive side but the quality is extremely high, comfort is on point, and look is pretty fly if you ask me. Currently, Finis doesn’t produce mermaid tails skins but has been knowns to fit tail maker brands like SuntailsMermaid Kat, and even Finfun tails!

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This is also a larger flat monofin weighing almost 5 pounds out of the water! It’s made from a single mold and can fit in only certain tails like mermaid inc and Finfolk brands.

It feels weightless in the water but could fatigue your ankles depending on what kind of mermaid shape you are in. I personally don’t have a Mahina Tail but have borrowed one and swam in it. The ankle and foot pockets weren’t super comfortable and I couldn’t tell if it was just because it was my first time wearing the Monofin, or if it was like that for all users. Some reviewers like Mermaid Faith (AKA Nerdmaid) said it didn’t bug her but she makes it a habit of wearing neoprene socks while swimming.

As you can see, this is a rubber mold that has very sturdy edges that come to a unique point on the end of the fluke. Make sure to store property as the rubber can bend. One last thing to mention, they say these fins are made from natural and recycled plastic. Not sure how plastic can be natural but I do appreciate the recycled part!

Mertailor – silicone

If you are looking for comfort, stop here! These Mertailor monofins are a solid silicone mold, and the only one of it’s kind (as far as I know). Silicone is neutrally buoyant in the water and looks pretty darn realistic if you ask me.  It’s the closest thing you will get to a silicone tail, without paying thousands for an actual silicone tail.

They are incredibly comfortable to swim in, and I love how they have a natural look out of the water while doing pictures. Meaning, if you do a mermaid photoshoot and your tail is plastic, it can unnatural as there is no “fall” to it.

The foot pockets are separated and really comfortable. You don’t get as much push from this fin as there isn’t much resistance to it, but if you are going for a playful day at the pool rather than a swim, then you will love this monofin. While being expensive, they are a great step in the mermaid direction!

If you are interested in a silicone monofin with skin, use my promo code for 10% off:


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Let me know in the comments below which one you decided to get and why!

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