SunTails Mermaid Tail: Review And Discount Code

July 8, 2017

Mermaid Tail Suntail Review and Discount Code

It is a rough day when trying to decide what color Suntails mermaid tail you want. Check out the selection!  These amazing colors and patterns seem endless! I hope you enjoy reading this Suntail Mermaid Tail review as much as I loved writing it. Best of all, there is a 10% discount code for all orders below!

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About Suntails

Who knew Mermaids lived in Alaska! Suntails is a multi-family establishment that ships all over the world. With a Kickstarter back in 2015, they have been selling ever since! It all started when one of the founder recognized their kids love for Mermaids, but wanted a monofin that didn’t break or hurt. After dozens of prototypes, the Suntail monofin was created.  Now, they help kids everywhere swim with endless underwater imagination.

SunTails Mermaid Tail Review SUMMARY

  • Monofin
  • Fit and Design
  • Fabric
  • Customer Service
  • Cost

Review Summary


This is a great tail for beginning mermaids as the monofin is a “one size fits all” and can be grown into. The monofin is SUPER sturdy and has a lifetime guarantee! The fabric is thick and the tail is easy to put on over the monofin with the open bottom design. This is also the most cost-effective mermaid tail on the market!


Because of the open bottom design, you can see the monofin when doing photography. Also, because of the sturdiness of the tail, there is low flexibility in the water so it doesn’t “bend” like a fishtail would.



Keiki Monofin (Child Size), Red
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The custom designed Monofin is very impressive. It is the most comfortable that I have come across so far. It is not only comfortable, but durable.

I like the shape and the fact it doesn’t have any ankle straps or side zippers to worry about. I like that it tappers at the ankles and can fit a range of shoe sizes. If I had to say a downside, there is a little duck feet action going on at the heels but overall I really support the design, especially for kids.




I liked the thicker band around the waist. Some tails will cut into your stomach. “Some” mermaids (a -hem..) have a little more love in the middle. This design seemed to help reduce the muffin top.

Rather than a side zipper where you put the fin in first, with Suntails you put the fin on very last. With your fabric fin on your body, you easily slip the mono fin on your feet. Then pull the fabric over the monofin.

This does have pros and cons.

The pros are, it is easy to put on and you don’t have to worry about a zipper breaking, on the other hand, you stretch out the fabric to put over the monofin. At times you could see the bottom of the fin poking out but for the most part unnoticeable. It also helps that you can get a colored monofins that matches your tail. This is a small down side but if you are buying it for a photo shoot, be aware.


The fabric was tighter than I expected when first putting it on.  It is thicker, and feels more durable than other fabric tails on the market. This was nice as you couldn’t see the swimsuit bottoms I was wearing. It also was comfortable to swim in without drag.  The fabric is an 80/20% nylon/spandex material mix that will stretch 4 ways.


The fabric design also has a unique characteristic that you could easily miss. Suntail mermaid scales are smaller! This is a fun if you have other mermaid tails and want something slightly different.


Wonderful customer service from Kat! The response time is on point and always friendly. Website is easy to navigate with professional photography.

Great job guys!


The cost if VERY reasonable.

The monofin and tail set are $89.95.  Because the monofin doesn’t have any straps, I doubt there will be a need to replace it due to damage in the near future. Also, for your kids feet that haven’t stopped growing? Now worries? This monofin will fit them for years as it is more of a water sock! The fabric is durable. The only question I have is if stretching the fabric over your monofin so many times, if it will loose it’s elasticity over time? I haven’t heard of any complaints so time will have to tell on this concern.

The swimsuit is $30, so you are looking at $110 for the full package.


Great job Suntails!

Way to make this dream a reality. With a custom designed monofin that has durability as well as flexibility. The foot inserts are comfortable and can fit your kids feet for a number of years as they grow. The design of the mermaid tail is unique, and your selection is amazing! All at a reasonable price.

Can’t wait to see what you guys come out with next!


Im here to help you make the best selection when buying mermaid products. Check out other Mermaid tails and compare features for what you are using your tail for.

Photography credits go to the amazing Elise Airmet

Location: Bull Creek Park, Austin Texas

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