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August 6, 2016

Mermaid Yoga Pants

I am a huge Corepower Yoga fan. I am also a huge mermaid fan. What do you get when you mix those together? Mermaid yoga pants!

Today while I was at yoga, the instructor was wearing mermaid yoga pants… Let me repeat… MERMAID YOGA PANTS.  I instantly went home and searched for some online. What a clever idea, I can’t wait for them to get here in the mail! I have some basic mermaid leggings for going out but they are a little awkward to wear in the Texas Heat.

Check out these best of amazon Mermaid yoga pants that are bound to make your fellow Yogi classmates look, and possibly complement your fabulous inner mermaid.

Mertailor Yoga pants

These guys have a really great product that is very versatile when it comes to yoga pants. You can wear these for working out, yoga, and swimming the water. They are long and go to your ankles, soft, and have a unique scale design. Gotta love these guys!

Read more of a detailed review HERE and make sure to use the 10% off promo code MOLLY10!

Fin Fun Mermaid Yoga pants

Fin Fun is a reputable brand in the mermaid community. They have some really bright colorful leggings to share with us! I love the mermaid scale ombre look. One thing you can’t see in the picture is the hidden pocket in the front big enough to fit cards or keys for working out. Check out the other colors and make sure to add them to your amazon wish list.

Read an in depth review HERE and make sure to use the 10% off promo code: EVERYTHINGMERMAID10

Fin Fun Leggings

JESCAKOO Mermaid Yoga Pants

Most women’s Mermaid yoga pants are made from polyester and spandex.  This combination is great for sportswear or dancing.  I appreciate the thicker band at the top as they don’t cut into my stomach.

Purusha People  Mermaid Yoga pants 

These mermaid yoga leggings are out of this world with 90% Nylon and 10% Lycra. This combination will last a long time! Nylon is a stronger fabric and tends to be more expensive. But honestly… these leggings are pretty cool.

Blue Mermaid Fish Scale Yoga Pants

A glistening sheen fabric created to help slim your legs. The fabric is thick and breathable all at the same time.  Do you think I could get away with this at work?

Purple Memraid yoga Capri

If pink and purple are your favorite colors we have you covered. Check out the super low and sexy high waist band. These are going to be my next purchase!

Emily Hsu Mermaid yoga pants

These white leggings will make your fellow yogis stop in the middle of their warrior 2 to check out what you got going . So fun!

GRACIN Mermaid Yoga Pants

Out of this world mermaid leggings. Love the hip flukes and scales. So edgy!

night sky Teeki Yoga Pants

Teeki Mermaid leggings are made from Recycled P.E.T.and Spandex. The elastic stretchs 4 ways which make them versatile for all different types of activities.

Teeki Mermaid Fairyqueen Teal Hot Pant Yoga Leggings (XS)
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Green Booty workout mermaid Leggings 

Need something a little more subtle when it comes to mermaid yoga pants? These area great green with a scale-ish texture. You can get them for a Halloween costume, then use them in your day to day outfits and yoga sessions.

If you are a Yogi like me, it’s fun to have some high-quality pants that say something about yourself. Who knows, you might meet another mermaid lover in your class.  Let me know which leggings you like the best!


If you are looking for a more versatile option for yoga pants, wet/dry leggings are a great option. Check out my post for Mertailor leggings and use my 10% off discount code MOLLY10 on all orders except for the silicone tails.


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