Mermaid Hair Tutorials – 10 Ways To Get Waves & Curls In 2017

December 7, 2016

Are you looking for different techniques for getting fabulous mermaid hair waves? You have come to the right place my friends. I have research the 10 Best Mermaid Hair Tutorials that will get you THE look for beach waves in 2017. Enjoy!

Big Messy Waves

I love this tutorial. The products used are on the expensive side but for the look seems worth it!  This is a fun messy way to get Mermaid Hair that will stay all day.

Add a sea shell

This is similar to the first tutorial but this one comes with a bonus seashell fishtail. Looks amazing!

Use the barrel

Rather then using the wand, try the 3 ring barrel.

Deep overnight Curls

I have never seen big full curls like with. If you are ok with sleeping with curlers in your hair this tutorial is for you.


Don’t forget the Salt Spray

This technique is similar to the ones previously posted she but uses salt spay to get the beachy look.


No Heat? No Problem

It’s hard to believe you can get these curls with no heat! She really rocks them.  This is similar to the deep overnight curls but might be more comfortable to sleep in.


Thick Mermaid Hair

If only I could get full hair like this. Love the way these waves turned out. This requires naturally thick hair but WOW it looks good.

easy Overnighter

Simple and easy way to get the beachy waves overnight!

Try something new

This is a different technique that I have gotten good results with. Give it a try! It doesn’t take to long. This is a great alternative to those who don’t want to sleep with curlers or braids.

wave from the braid

This braid takes some practice but comfortable to sleep on (if you are a side sleeper) and you wake up with your big messy mermaid hair.


I hope you find one that works best for you and your type of hair. More tutorials to come!

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