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We are back with the second round of hair wraps! Loading... Please note: colors will be limited to black at this time.  Click Here To Buy The Hair Wrap! Hair wrap results [su_carousel source="media: 8017,8020,8019,8018,8016,8015,8014,8011" target="blank" width="400" height="300" items="1" speed="0"] Results from the road [su_carousel source="media: 8032,8031,8030,8023,8033,8025,8027,8024,8022" target="blank" width="400" height="300" items="1" speed="0"] [su_divider top="no" size="1"] Click Here To Buy The Hair Wrap! Great for kids!  

2 Mermaid Hair Tutorials In 1 Amazing Video for 2017

Hey Everyone! My amazing roommate (and professional hairdresser) Kristen helped me put together a video of 2 Mermaid Hair Tutorials. The first is a Sexy Tossed Beach look with a blowdryer, the second is Full On Mermaid Curls using different sizes of curling wands Main product used in the video: Sea Spray Why use sea spray? Because we NEED the ocean in our hair ;)  AND because it has a gripping/grabbing ability to stick to each individual hair. This helps the hair avoid sticking to…

Mermaid Braids
Mermaid Wig

Mermaid Wigs 2018 – Guide For Picking The Best One

Whether it be for a costume this Halloween or a mermaid photo shoot you might be looking for a mermaid wig to portray long flowing hair. This blog post will guide you through 6 easy steps to pick the Perfect Mermaid Wig. Let me know if this is helpful! Step 1: Get your wig measurements Get a soft measuring tape and go from the back of your scull to the front of your hairline. This image will help you determine…