Mermaid Braid Tutorials – 10 Amazing Braids to Try with Video Instructions

December 9, 2016

Mermaid Braids

Hello! Are you sick of scrolling Pinterest for your perfect Mermaid braid? This post might help. I wanted to get an idea of all the Mermaid braid options out there and put them all into one post.

These braids are on the more technical side so don’t get discouraged! Why not go all out!


Twisted Mermaid Braid

Would looks great with a shell crown!

Mermaid Tail double Braid

This is an easier braid to do with just two braids next to each other with bobby pins.

Mermaid Side Braid

I love this look with the natural crown and braid to the side.

Fancy Pony Braid

Is secured by elastics in the back so it won’t fall out halfway through the night.

Try multiple types of Braids

They use a regular braid, fish tail, and rope braid for this hair style.

Side Swept Mermaid Braid

This is a softer elegant look compared to the messy braid.

Pull Through Braid

This is not really a braid but looks amazing and full. Really simple once you get the hang of it.

2 Minute Rope Braid

This is by far the easiest out of the group. Using dry shampoo beforehand will help it stay in place.

Double Braid + Ponytail

I liked the variety and textures of this one. Who says Mermaids can’t have ponytails?

Mohawk Pony Braid

This does seem more complicated but holy cow does it come out looking cool.

If you have any suggestions or try any of these hair styles let me know!

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