Tutorial On How To Get Mermaid Hair

August 12, 2016

Mermaid Hair

Typically… Mermaids have long Full Hair. Not to discriminate against the short hair mermaids. If you insist on the short hair look (which is also an option) but want to research hair dye, skip to the bottom.

There are a few ways you can get this look.


It might be good in a photo shoot or for Halloween but what happens when you can’t help but get in the water? 

BUY HERE $10.99

Hair Extensions

A better choice then a wig for a photo shoot.

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Your own amazing hair!


I created a whole blog post on how you can get great Mermaid waves in 2017. Check out the full blog post HERE.

mermaid braid

How To Easy Mermaid Briad CLICK HERE for website.  Tutorial included on website!

You can never go wrong with a loose side braid. Check out my full blog post on 10 different Types of Mermaid Braids. These require long hair but would be fun for a party or photo shoot.

What about color you ask?

Why yes, I do love some color in my hair. I prefer to go with the subtle look (I do have a day job people)

Which means adding some fun colored streaks in your hair. Some have the guts to fully commit so that is just up to you.


You could go all out! Some people do!

Mermaid Hair P

Picture from Rochellefox.com

These are great because you don’t have to commit to a huge box of one color. Save some cash, and have some fun with your hair. It is easy to apply and will wash out with Shampoo.  Try this until you know what color you would like to commit to for longer.

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Up next we start talking about Makeup!

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