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No Heat, No Hassle Hair Wrap Tutorial

Moon Curl Hair Wrap Video Tutorial I love my long hair.  However, it eventually gets to the point of being so long, I just chop it off to my shoulders. The effort it takes to curl my hair is exhausting and I end up wearing a (way too heavy for my head) messy bun all the time. About a year ago I started experimenting with wrapping my hair at night. Over time, I created the hair wrap that gives me…

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How To Make A Mermaid Cake: Ideas, Supplies, And Instructions!

So, you decided to make a mermaid cake. Good for you! There are a LOT of things you can do for a Mermaid party but having a decorated mermaid cake... takes the cake (?) Ok, that was a bad play on words but really, it adds to the atmosphere and gives a stunning centerpiece.  Let's get started! Cake Supplies So mer-peeps, if you are like me (not so domestic) you will need some help from the very beginning.  Can we start…

Underwater Modeling tips

Underwater Modeling Tips

Meet Christine Ren! A real Underwater Woman from LA who is an expert at underwater modeling and art. She works all over the world and mixes marine science, dance, and photography all in one.  Christine illustrations include inspiring, and sad stories, about our oceans and how us "Humans" can take more responsibility for it. Read her top 10 underwater modeling tips below! top 10 Underwater Modeling Tips Working in a fluid, anti-gravity medium like water is a performer's dream. It means almost limitless…

Mermaid Games
Mermaid party ideas

Mermaid Party Ideas: From Invitations To Party Favors

Let’s party! Are you looking for some Mermaid party ideas? I have collected my favorite party planning ideas and included a link where to buy. These ideas could be for a child's birthday party, adult party, bridal shower or even a baby shower! Either way, there should be some nostalgia going on. In this post I will cover: Mermaid invitations Mermaid party decorations Mermaid cake Mermaid cake topper Mermaid treats Mermaid games and activities Mermaid party favors Let me know if you have anything…

MaskCara Beauty Review

Maskcara Beauty Products For Mermaids

Hello Fellow Mermaids! I recently went on a hunt to find a great makeup brand for my mermaids. Weather you are doing a photo shoot, or changing lives at a birthday party, you need something that will make you look fabulous, AND last all day. The makeup line Maskcara Beauty is about to take the makeup industry by storm. Not only are these products cruelty and toxin free, they are vegan as well!  With compact cases and customizable pallets, you…

2 Mermaid Hair Tutorials In 1 Amazing Video for 2017

Hey Everyone! My amazing roommate (and professional hairdresser) Kristen helped me put together a video of 2 Mermaid Hair Tutorials. The first is a Sexy Tossed Beach look with a blowdryer, the second is Full On Mermaid Curls using different sizes of curling wands Main product used in the video: Sea Spray Why use sea spray? Because we NEED the ocean in our hair ;)  AND because it has a gripping/grabbing ability to stick to each individual hair. This helps the hair avoid sticking to…