smile brilliant review

Mermaids Review For Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

The more I've gotten into the mermaid biz, the more modeling I have done over the last two years. This has made me confident in some areas, and insecure in others. Something I noticed while doing a group shot was how white all the model's teeth were! Their smiles really stood out, even the pictures that were taken underwater!  So, I decided something needed to be done. Since my husband and I are on the road I couldn't go to…

Salty Mermaid Save The Toucan Swimwear

Save The Toucans Salty Mermaid Swim Wear

Salty Mermaid has done it again! A new line of swimwear has come out with a "save the toucans" theme that is all about giving back! They partnered up with the TRR (Toucan Rescue Ranch) in Costa Rica where a team of passionate environmentalists are doing their part to protect endangered wildlife on the island. Did you know that there are 6 different types of Toucans in Costa Rica? Leslie Howle and Jorge Murillo have been working at the TRR since…

Fin Fun Leggings
Plus Size Mermaid Products

Plus Size Mermaid Pride, Products, and Fin-spirations

Hello, you fabulous mermaids! I was recently contacted by a few mermaids who wanted me to do a post on plus size mermaid products to support the full-figured mermaid community. I was beyond thrilled! The more I researched the more I am inspired. You might have seen websites like Society of Fat Mermaids which is all about body positivity and diversifying the image of mermaids. Youtube stars like LoeyLane model a little mermaid swimsuit on an LA beach and says, "I've never…

Mertailor Kids Guppy Tails

Mertailor Kids Guppy Tail Review and Discount Code

Look at all these kids mermaid tails and get so jealous... where were these 20 years ago? I would have DIED to swim in one of these.  Recently, I had the pleasure of doing a Mertailor Kids Guppy Tail unboxing with my cousin Mikki who just so happens to love mermaids. She didn't know this, but there was a little kids tail included! Check out this video! She is so adorable. Her smiles seriously slays me... She absolutely loved the tail…

Mertailor Whimsy Tail with Discount Code

Mertailor Whimsy Tail Review and Discount Code

The Whimsy Tail and Fantasea Fin combination are out of this world!  If you are looking to take the next step from a fabric tail in your mermaid career, this is the one to take! The Whimsy tail has a polyester spandex nylon knit with DWR (durable water repellent) coating. This paired with the Fantasea Fin silicone monofin pretty much makes it look like you are wearing a silicone tail but at a fraction of the price. Discount Code For 10%…

Mertailor Fantasea Fin
AquaMermaid Class Review

AquaMermaid Class Review And Discount Code

Have you heard of Marielle of AquaMermaid? You might have seen her at an event or on her Youtube channel! She is a mermaid-prenuer who spreads the joy of mermaiding. Marielle has collaborated with hotels, resorts, and public pools across Canada and the USA to bring mermaid class that all ages can enjoy. I was lucky enough to attend her Aquamermaid class in Toronto and swam in one of her signature Aquamermaid tail! Check here for a location near you! AquaMermaid Class…

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The 2 Tails Mermaid Tail: Review and Promo Code

Introducing a new line of fabric tails to Everything Mermaid! Welcome, The 2 Tails! A fun family oriented company from California! You might have seen their Youtube channel The 2 tails. The 2 Tails have been around for about 10 years. It all started when two little girls decided to use their mom's sweatpants to imitate a mermaid tail. Wanting a tail so badly, they used whatever they could find!  Their processes improved over time, and people started noticing at the pool!…