Mertailor Whimsy Tail Review and Discount Code

September 20, 2018

Mertailor Whimsy Tail with Discount Code

The Whimsy Tail and Fantasea Fin combination are out of this world!  If you are looking to take the next step from a fabric tail in your mermaid career, this is the one to take! The Whimsy tail has a polyester spandex nylon knit with DWR (durable water repellent) coating. This paired with the Fantasea Fin silicone monofin pretty much makes it look like you are wearing a silicone tail but at a fraction of the price.

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Mertailor Whimsy Tail Review

Fantasea Fin (Monofin)

I wrote a more in-depth review of the Fantasea Fin but to give you a summary, it’s a genius idea! First of all,  the monofin doesn’t have any adjustable straps so nothing will bulge through the fabric around the ankles keeping your mermaid appearance flawless. Second, its SUPER comfortable. No stiffer plastic foot holes! Last, the movement looks so realistic in and out of the water.

Check out my full review here!

Mertailor Whimsy Tail Review

Whimsy Tail (and Top) Fit and Design

Mertailor has always done the zipper insert method which I love, especially for the pictures. You can’t see the zipper or a monofin poking out the bottom! A bit harder to put together, but fits perfectly once the monofin is in. The sizing worked great for me and I didn’t feel the waistband was too tight.

As for the matching top, let’s get real ladies!

Mertailor Whimsy Tail Review

For those with a curvier figure, most matching tops don’t fit! They are usually a triangle bikini tops that hurt our necks and provide NO support. Well, thanks to Mertailor we now have a comfortable halter top to match our tails! Yay!  The wider than usual neck straps are more supportive and didn’t cut into me anywhere.  It was comfortable and I never felt like I was falling out or had to adjust during the photo shoot.

They even come with this beautiful gold accent! Nice touch!

Mertailor Whimsy Tail Review

Whimsy Tail Fabric

The material is 1mm polyester spandex nylon knit with DWR (durable water repellent) coating and a 2-inch spandex waistband that fades from blue to gold adding to the mermaid effect. The scales are larger than their last design and the details in the fluke and sporadic gold accents are just beautiful. I really do like the fade from blue to gold around my stomach so it’s not such a hard contrast from the skin to fabric.

Mertailor Whimsy Tail Review

Customer Service and Website

How can you not love the Mertailor? I’ve never had a problem with their website or customer service. They usually get back to me within 24 hours and seem to always have the mermaids best interest in mind. Thanks for all you do!


Because this is made of a high-grade material, the cost more than a normal fabric tail. The cost of the Whimsy tail is $265 and that doesn’t include the Fantasea Fin. Before you start saying “this isn’t for me” let’s break down the costs.

  • Whimsy Tail – $265
  • Silicone Fantasea Fin – $150
  • Matching Halter Top – $69

This brings us to a total of $484.

Yes, this is more expensive than most tails, but you are basically getting more functional silicone tail for a fraction of the cost. The Fantasea Fin IS silicone and provides the realistic looking movement when you need it. The thick fabric provides comfort and security without slowing you down and will last longer.  You don’t have to spend $3,000 –  $5,000 on a silicone tail to get the same look!

If the polyester-spandex nylon knit fabric isn’t a selling point for you, there are options to get a regular Fabric Fantasea tail for $99. which brings the cost down to $318.

Mertailor Whimsy Tail Review


I’m a fan. I think Mertailor bridged a huge gap in the mermaid community. If you are an inspiring mermaid ready to move up from the fabric tail I highly recommend the Whimsy tail and Fantasea fin. It’s very similar to a silicone tail but not so hard on the bank.

Feel free to use my 10% off discount code when you buy!

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(Code does not apply to silicone items)

Mertailor Whimsy Tail Review

Photography by Logan


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