Mertailor Fantasea Fin Review – The Next Step In Your Mermaid Career

September 20, 2018

Mertailor Fantasea Fin

The Mertailor Fantasea Fin is the first stand-alone silicone monofin for fabric tails and… it’s a game changer. First of all, I don’t have a silicone tail…yet. Some readers might find that odd as I would consider myself a full-time mermaid. However, I am not ready to invest in a professional tail yet. Another story for another day BUT that makes the Fantasea fin perfect for me. I have been swimming in fabric tails for a few years now and love every one of them for different reasons, but it’s nice to take my mermaid game to the next level with silicone.

The Mertailor has come out with the Fantasea Fin Monofin so mermaids can have the look and feel of a silicone tail without spending thousands of dollars and waiting months to get it. You get the look of a silicone tail, but the comfort and fit of a fabric tail.


Mertailor Fantasea Fin

Fantasea fin Comfort

I want to start with the comfort level on this fin. It’s out of this world! Because it’s made of pure silicone, there are no sharp or stiff edges. You can honestly swim in this thing all day. It’s soft on your feet and ankles and from my experience won’t leave any blisters.

Monofin Design

No uncomfortable plastic footholds!

This thing is 100% silicone so it’s super flexible in the water. It’s soft on your feet allowing for a longer swim time.  The strapless approach is nice for a few reasons. I like that there is no need for adjusting when you are putting everything together. Nothing more frustrating than having your tail on, and the monofin (inside the tail) isn’t cooperating. I also like that nothing bulges or sticks out around the ankles making the mermaid experience blissful.

The silicone shape is sturdy yet flexible. The ankle straps are slightly stretchy but durable enough to be carried around by. Forwarning! It’s heavier than you would expect!

Mertailor Fantasea Fin


The fin moves so naturally in and out of the water. It makes my heart happy how realistic looking it is. Regular monofins are nice (don’t get me wrong) but they don’t bend as a fishtail would.

Mertailor Fantasea Fin

The attention to detail is what sets Mertailor apart from any other mermaid brand! Check out the scale pattern and the ridges on the fluke. The black monofin also has some glitter or sparkle in the silicone making it a midnight dream.

Mertailor Fantasea Fin

Other Fantasea Fin Details

The price for the Fantasea fin alone is $149.95. You can get some Mertailor leggings and use them together or you can get the Whimsy Tail combination for an additional $265. Ships between 7-10 days!

There is no discount on Fantasea Fin but if you get any of the fabric skin tails, use my discount code!

Mertailor 10% off discount code


Overall, I think this is genius. It really bridges the gap between fabric and silicone tails. For those who want more than a fabric tail, but not ready to commit to a full silicone tail this is for you! It provides amazing photography in and out of the water and is super comfortable. It is more expensive than regular monofins but considering a full silicone tail is around $3,000 it’s a great deal.

Let me know in the comments below how much you love your Fantasea Fin!

Mertailor Fantasea Fin

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    1. Thank you ,enjoyed your review. I currentlly have a Mahina,looks great ,great in Rivers and tidel flows,but I dont think I got the right fit ,Hard to get on. thanfully it comes of easy. I have been watching the youtube vidioes,also great info. I love the idea of a comfortably Mono fin .Mine,once I take it off for lunch off washroom break ,puts up a fight to put back on,then when I do,it gives me really bad Charlie horses! I still love it, great poupution and look but definatly would like to give the Fantasea fin a go. I could alternate. Could you posiblly tell me what size to get ? My feet in Canadian,are a size 6,but wide in the toes .If Bowling I wear a size 7 becouse of that. I do not wish to make the same mistake this time.Thank you!

      1. Hi Jeanette! Thanks for reaching out! I really do love my Mertailor Fantasea Fin and know you will too. About the size, Canadian and USA sizing is the same and it looks like the Small is for a woman between 5-7 so that would be perfect! Remember to use the promo code Molly10 for a 10% discount. A little bit always helps right? Let me know if you have any other questions.

        1. discount code doesn’t work anymore 🙁
          I’m looking into getting the mertailor fantasea fin too, it’s so beautiful but not sure if the weight and size are worth it, and curious how it works compared to stiffer fins for propulsion.

          1. I’ll check into the code. Not sure why it’s not working. I REALLY like the Fantasea fin. If you are wanting to move fast through the water then go with a stiffer monofin. But if it’s swimming around and for the experience of being a mermaid, I would go for it! It’s a great way to see if you love being a mermaid enough to invest in a full silicone tail.

    1. Well the monofin looks nice but the problem is it does not propell. Too much flapping, as it is not hard enough it is good to swim but only to make fotos, I am a deep diver and a mermaid but this tail is just horrible for me, too much tiring and too heavy. NOPE.

      1. Thanks for your feedback Mermaid Maryssa! I agree there isn’t much propulsion with this monofin and because its 100% silicon it is super heavy. But for those that are not professional divers and are more into photography, it does look more realistic than a stiff divers monofin. Is there one you would recommend?

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