Mermaid Leggings By Mertailor – Review & Discount Code

February 23, 2017

Mermaid Leggings by Mertailor

My mermaid leggings by MerTailor came in the mail and I found the perfect opportunity to show them off at local mermaid friendly spring called Krause Springs in Spicewood TexasKeep reading for an in depth review of these mermaid leggings! Mertailor is generous to offer a 10% discount for new customers. This applies to all products except the Silicone tails.


Mertailor Brand

MerTailor was founded back in 2006 by Eric Ducharme who was inspired at a young age from Weeki Wachee springs in Florida. His passion grew into a business and now his website specialize in Mermaid tails, swimsuits, mono fins, and leggings. The fun doesn’t stop there though. They also have an assortment of accessories for Men, Women and Kids. Check out their website! You won’t be disappointed.

Mermaid Leggings By Mertailor Summary

MerTailor Legging Review
  • Fit- Overall satisfaction in the style and fit of the legging
  • Fabric- High quality fabric
  • Flexibility-Easy to move in dry or wet
  • Design- Mermaid design
  • Cost-Worth the price


MerTailor is a high quality brand and company! I can’t wait to try more of their merchandise! I also wanted to give a shout out to their customer service team. They do a great job.

Keep reading for more details about these awesome leggings!

MerTailor Fit

I am about 5’6 and usually a size medium (size 8) when it comes to the lower half of my body. They recommended a small which had me worried. I didn’t want to feel like a stuffed sausage. Come to find out, they were right! I am glad they went with the small.

I have short legs so the ankles were a little ruffled, and the waist came up to my belly button but that seems to be the trend these days. I liked how the waist wasn’t so tight! Some Mermaid leggings or Yoga pants will cut into your stomach resulting in “muffin top” … Ain’t nobody got time for that.

They were tight enough to feel snug but not uncomfortable. The waist was form fitting but didn’t cut into my stomach. I also noticed that the waist and fabric secured against my skin while I was swimming.

Mertailor Fabric

These leggings are a light breathable, 4-way polyester spandex mix material. The fabric is soft and easy to take off when wet. Polyester and spandex are a great combo for wet/dry leggings. They keep their stretch and color longer than other fabrics.  I was wearing a dark blue swimsuit and at times could see the color and outline of my bottom swimsuit through the leggings. This is something to take into account if your swim suit bottoms have a pattern or dark in color, you might see it under the leggings. They do have darker leggingsf if that is a concern to anyone.


MerTailor Flexibility

Because this fabric has a 4 way stretch, it was perfect for swimming and hiking. I even did the rope swing!

Swimming in the water was very easy. I didn’t even notice I was wearing them. They kept me a little warmer than when I normally swim at the Spring. The best part, there was no drag on the ankles or up by the waist. They formed to my body, and at the same time felt non-restrictive to my swimming.

After swimming we hiked to a near by water fall that I climbed for a few photos. They were comfortable to walk in when wet, and didn’t feel soggy or weighted down in any way.

After the swimming and hiking, I took them off to get some sun on my legs so I don’t know the dry time.

Mertailor Design

I might be biased toward the Lorelie Green leggings that I am wearing as my favorite, but check out the other colors Mertailor has to offer. The green/blue color looked amazing in Texas spring! I felt really cool swimming around and being watched by the campers and hikers (and the suckers that didn’t dare to jump in the water). Mertailor has a variety of colors in their Mermaid patterns, as well as solid colors.

Mertailor cost

The cost of these leggings are around $50 each. For quality leggings this is about the average cost. I consider them worth the price for high quality wet dry leggings.  The fabric has quality and flexibility so they will not stretch over time or fade in color.


I support MerTailor and their brand! These leggings were comfortable and had a great style about them. If you are in the market for some wet/dry mermaid leggings, these are a great choice. Feel free to ask any questions!


If you are interested in Mermaid tails, you can also use this discount to get 10% off!

Other Accessories in this post:

The Swim suit I am wearing is called a Tie back swim top. I bought mine from Jolyn Swimwear.  They are actually designed for lap swimming. I like these because the tie back allows for a more snug fit while swimming and can be adjusted to any size ribcage.  I can wear mine all day for hanging out in the sun, or I even play water polo in it. There is hardly any drag and comfortable fit.

My shoes are a basic Chaco that can be worn wet or dry. I love my Chaos. They were perfect for this adventure. When you have hiking and swimming in the same day, it’s nice not to have to switch shoes.


Because this is one of my favorite places on earth, I feel it necessary to tell you about our adventure at Krause Springs. Keep reading if you are interested in visiting!

We camped the night before and found a place close to the water. The cost for camping is $15 a person. If you just want a day trip to swim, the cost $8 a person. Right now it is the middle of February and I HATE sleeping in the cold. Luckily it wasn’t to bad! (#ilovetexas)  It was in the 60s at night. I do enjoy camping and believe it all has to do with good gear. If I can sleep warm and comfortably, then I am a happy camper. Pun INTENDED.

The weather was up in the 80s mid morning but the pool was still around 68 degrees. It did take your breathe away when you jumped in but worth it! This made for some great photo opportunities because no one else was swimming! This really is one of my favorite places on earth… sigh…

Hammock Time

My boyfriend and I have a few trees at the Springs perfect a hammock. This area is usually more green but since it is winter in Texas, it looks bleak. We spend all day watching people play on the rope swing and reading our books.

Ben hates the cold. It was really funny trying to get some good shots of us in the hammock together. I was as cold as a fish after swimming in those springs. We made it work!

We call these “Hammock Dates.” Cheap and easy to set up. As a bonus, I get some great cuddle time which is always a plus.  If you are looking for some high quality Hammocks, check out our friend Luis with Hammock Town. He has a great website and information that will help you decide on what to pick. I also want to give him a shout out for the amazing photography skills. Thanks Luis!

You can’t go to Krause Springs and not do the rope swing!

Not a pretty backflip… but I did it 🙂 Your Welcome.

Happy Swimming Everyone! Feel free to ask questions or leave comments below.


I did not ask for free merchandise for this post. MerTailor sent the leggings to me as a thank you for another post that they were in.  I wanted to give a positive review to say thanks. 


Octopus Leggings


This giveaway ended 9.1.2017 but you are still able to use the 10% off discount code “Molly10”

MerTailor Octopus Legging Giveaway

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