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Top mermaid classes

Best Mermaid Classes and Camps In The USA – By Map

The world of mermaiding is expanding! Everywhere you look there are statues, myths, and now mermaid classes to make your dreams come to life. Check out these top places in the USA to learn how to swim, and become more like a mermaid. Every corporation focuses on different skills and age groups. Some include photography and even choreography for synchronized swimming. Make sure to check out the link included for more information. If your organization is not listed here and…

Top Ocean Conservation Efforts

Top Ocean Conservation Efforts Every Mermaid Can Get Behind

Mermaids are the bridge between land and sea. We are strong advocates for ocean conservation efforts all around the globe and pose as protectors to our great waters. As the mermaid community expands, so do our efforts to help the already existing groups out there helping planet earth. Get involved in an ocean conservation effort that you are passionate about, the time is now! Check out the list below and how to get involved. Ocean Cleanup Marine Animal Rescue Coral…

Mermaid Ornaments

Top 10 Mermaid Ornaments For Christmas

The season is upon us! There is something so magical about the Christmas season. Are you searching for mermaid ornaments to decorate your tree? Lucky you! I did some research and found my top 10 favorite. Whether you are looking for classy, or funny, you can find them here! Old World Glass Mermaid Ornament These are the kind of ornaments I remember as a kid. A classic vintage look. There is even a Triton that can go along with her! …

mermaid accessories

Complete List Of Mermaid Accessories

Sometimes you just need a little bit more mermaid in your life. These mermaid accessories can be worn with every outfit and will help you feel like a mermaid all day long. Your Complete list of Mermaid accessories Mermaid purse So stylish! This clutch purse has moving glitter. A good size and sturdy material incase it drops. [asa2_img img="1" size="LargeImage" width="500" height="380" align="center" show_title="no" show_button="no"]B078LPZYV1[/asa2_img] [su_button url="" target="blank" style="soft" background="#8bb4cd" color="#ffffff" size="7" center="yes"]CLICK HERE TO BUY! [/su_button]   [su_button url=""…

Mermaid Lamps

10 Mermaid Lamps To Fall In Love With

Walking along the beach I ventured into an antique shop to find some beautiful mermaid lamps. Currently, my husband and I are living in an RV and wouldn't have any place to put it, but that didn't stop me from researching all the artistic mermaid lamps out there! Would you ever get one of these for your home? Let me know in the comments below which one you like best! Mermaid lamps 1. Goddess Offering Mermaid Lamp This lamp is…

Watercolor Mermaid Paintings

Top 10 Favorite Watercolor Mermaid Paintings – And Where To Buy

There are so many beautiful and creative illustrations of mermaids, but my favorite is the watercolor mermaid paintings. It could be the connection between mermaids and water used on a canvas or the dripping translucent look it gives. There is just something magical about it all. Here are my top 10 favorite watercolor mermaid paintings! My top 10 favorite watercolor mermaid paintings The Mermaid and the sea This artist HopSkipPaint has a more blurry style which works well. I love the bright…

Mermaid Statue

Find A Mermaid Statue That’s Within Your Budget!

Recently I was in Paris France and came across 2 huge beautiful fountains. A smaller mermaid statue caught my eye and I soon realized it had about a dozen more!  The fountain is called "Fontaines De La Concorde" and has figures of the Tritons and nereids made of bronze. This fountain was completed in the mid-1800, by multiple sculptures.  The south fountain commemorates the maritime commerce and industry of France, and the north fountain commemorates navigation and commerce on the rivers of France. This got me thinking how fun…

Mermaid Outfit
Mermaid Tights

Ultimate Collection Of Mermaid Tights

I love mermaid clothing! Whether it's t-shirts, skirts, leggings or swimwear. It's so fun to show off your passion as a mermaid onland. Something I recently stumbled across was mermaid tights. I usually only wear tights for Halloween but here are some creative choices for everyday or party ideas! Mermaid Tights These are the tights that first caught my eye. The illustrations are subtle yet distinct for a tail. Only really noticable if you are sitting with your legs together.…

Mermaid Cat

Top 15 Ridiculously Funny Mermaid Cat Products That Really Exist

The world of mermaids never ceases to amaze me. I was scrolling through Society6 and stumbled across some mermaid cat illustrations. "How funny," I thought. I soon found myself diving down the rabbit hole of mermaid cat items you can buy online. Needless to say, it was an interesting and entertaining evening. Who would have thought to combine a household animal and a mythical creature would mesh so well? Hopefully, this is as entertaining for you as it was for me.…