We Mermaid For Each Other – Merchandise and Gift Ideas

December 27, 2018

We mermaid for each other

Do you have a Mer-Soul mate? A best friend that shares the same love for mermaids? This love usually springs from the Disney movie the little mermaid, but there are history and folklore all over the world! No matter where this comes from, you can always find friends to say “We mermaid for each other.”

Check out this fun merchandise that helps you express your love for your Mer-Mate.

We mermaid for each other gift ideas

This mermaid saying usually goes best with merchandise that can be given as a mermaid gift. Your daughter will love this tote bag to bring to the beach.

A friendly gift card, note cards, or even greeting card will remind your “made for each other” friends your days as kids.

We mermaid for each other jewerly

Jewelry is a GREAT way to accesnt your personality. A simple bead can go a long way.

These cute keychains are great for a mermaid party as a party favor.

This looks more like an army dog tag if you don’t like the shiney scales from the last one.

We mermaid for each other Home Decor

This mug is a safe gift idea that people don’t know is on their wishlist.

Even if you are a mom, and can’t wear too many mermaid things, you can incorporate it into your home decor or bath to help you feel more under the sea.

We mermaid for each other

Mermaid Art speaks louder than words. This vintage peice portrays a couple laying in a lagoon getting some sun.

We mermaid for each other clothing

Cotton tank tops create the perfect outfit for a day out on the beach.

A women’s solid color t-shirt is a great way to promote your love for our half finned friends. Comes in plus sizes! Make sure to read the product descriptions and product details as the tri-blend fabric require it wash cold.

Check out this other mermaid merchandise if you want other mermaid sayings.

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