Best Mermaid Art – And Where To Buy

October 17, 2017

Best Mermaid Art and Where to Buy

Hello Mermaid lovers! Are you looking for some mermaid art to decorate your home? Check out these mermaid wall art ideas and where to buy them.  I know art is a personal taste and totally understand if you have a different opinion but I wanted to create a list so you knew what styles are out there. Let me know if any of the below move you or if there is an artist you really like!

P.S.*I didn’t want to feature naked mermaid art for my younger readers* 

Mermaid art for Mermaid lovers

Watercolor Mermaid art

This Mermaid watercolor picture is beautiful. What is the mermaid looking at? Does she miss home or want to have legs and be part of our world? Not sure, but this would look great in a bathroom! Also, you can request it to have a different hair color.


©2015 Rachel E. S. Byler

Ariel Fan ARt

This little mermaid has had such an impact on us throughout our lives. There are so many talented artists that produce beautiful Ariel fan art.










 Mermaid Drawing

This mermaid drawing really pulls at my heart strings. These two are in love and “dancing” in the water. You can tell by the expression on her face that she feels such relief by being in his arms. What is their love story?










Realistic mermaid art

This art has a powerful effect on the viewer. There is so much going on! Do you feel like you are underwater? The light makes me think a ship is on fire and she has just grabbed onto a human and is pulling them up from the depths of the ocean. This is for the true sirens out there.


By Charlie Bowater






Mermaid fantasy art

Mermaids don’t always have to have mermaid tails right? This fantasy mermaid art takes it to the next level. This mermaid warrior looks like she is about to save a mermaid kingdom and getting the final information from a jelly fish to complete her mission. Also, rock’in bod.


By Pascal Blanché






Dark Mermaid Art

I didn’t want to go “to dark” for my younger readers but if you have a friend that likes to wear black, and loves mermaids, this would be a fun mermaid gift idea.


by Awdrey









Mermaid Silhouette Art

Mermaid art doesn’t always need to be elaborate. It can be a simple black and white silhouette image.










Vintage Mermaid art


A mermaid vintage piece of art is a perfect for a beach house or outdoor patio. There are even ones with mermaid quotes.






Warrior mermaid fantasy art

This warrior mermaid looks tough! Weather she is hunting or defending, she is confident in who she is. A great reminder that women can be tough and beautiful.


By Victoria Eng








Cartoon warrior mermaid art

I love so many things about this painting. The colors, her hair, and the motion of her triton staff. She has had enough and will not backdown. With her fierce piercing eyes, she knows what she wants.


By Dylan Bonner







 vintage sign mermaid art

This old school mermaid sign makes me think of a restaurant right off the beach in the 60s. It would be fun for bars or game room basements. So unique with an old antique feel to it.










Fairytale mermaid art

Here we the artists take on the Hans Christian Anderson little mermaid story. I see this in a nursery with a baby girl.


by Medusa Dollmaker








pinup mermaid art

Look at you sassy pants! Pinup art is defiantly a trend right now. Love this pink and blue painting of a mermaid. Any hair stylists out there? Wouldn’t this be fun to decorate your salon with?


By Miss Fluff







mermaid paintings

This gentle mermaid is so peaceful to look at. It makes me feel as if I am with her in a secluded place as she quietly thinks. The colors and the lighting are amazing.


By Vashti Harrison








Little girl mermaid art

I can’t help it, this painting is so cute.  I feel this art is for those little girls out there who dream of pirates and being a mermaid. Wouldn’t this be cute in a playroom? Maybe these mermaids just got done tormenting the pirates and they are now running away from their lagoon.


by Vivianne Du Bois


I hope you found a style that you liked! Again, art is a personal thing so let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite painting or artist that should be featured!



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