Top 10 Favorite Watercolor Mermaid Paintings – And Where To Buy

September 17, 2018

Watercolor Mermaid Paintings

There are so many beautiful and creative illustrations of mermaids, but my favorite is the watercolor mermaid paintings. It could be the connection between mermaids and water used on a canvas or the dripping translucent look it gives. There is just something magical about it all.

Here are my top 10 favorite watercolor mermaid paintings!

My top 10 favorite watercolor mermaid paintings

The Mermaid and the sea

This artist HopSkipPaint has a more blurry style which works well. I love the bright orange color she uses and the light and dark shading. It reminds me of how fuzzy the water is when I open my eyes underwater. Maybe this is what it would look like if I saw a real mermaid!

Watercolor Mermaid Paintings

The young mermaid exploring

This little mermaid is also done by the same artist HopSkipPaint and includes a beautiful reflection on the surface of the water. The painting depicts a curious mermaid exploring her way to the surface right before she breaks the surface to the ocean air.

Watercolor Mermaid Paintings

Hidden Grotto

Hello Gorgeous! These two are by the same artist named Rachel Byler who has a lot of underwater and sea life paintings. I love the dripping effect included in her art.

Watercolor Mermaid Paintings

The Sea Floor

Also a painting by Rachel Byler, this painting illistrates a quiet moment of a mermaid sitting at the bottom of the sea. What do you think she is thinking about?

Watercolor Mermaid Paintings

Bath Time

A mermaid finding her happy place in the bathtub. Do you ever feel like this? Your bathtub turning into a mermaid lagoon. I love the color combination of blue, orange and pink.

Watercolor Mermaid Paintings

Viridescent Art Print

A watercolor masterpeice. This artist is able to get a distressed look while still keeping the image of the beautiful flowing mermaid underwater.

Watercolor Mermaid Paintings

Bathtime Mermaid

This is something we can all relate too. Taking a night to ourselves for a bath and treat whatever that may be. A simple paintint that captures the feel of a night to yourself.

Watercolor Mermaid Paintings

Lazy watercolor mermaid

Not sure why this piece is called lazy. Most mermaid illustrations are mermaids lazily posing on a beach. This actually looks like a Merman to me with long (Tarzan looking) hair. Mermen are often overlooked in the community but they need time to bask in the sun too! Love the beautiful tail and the mix of pale colors.

Watercolor Mermaid Paintings

Mermaid Watercolor

This Society6 piece of art doesn’t really have a name so I was to give it one. “The first sight” What is this mermaid seeing for the first time? She is strong but something has stopped her dead in the water. Maybe it’s a ship, maybe it’s a firework, maybe it’s a human she sees for the first time. What do you think?

Watercolor Mermaid Paintings


This is exactly what it looks like. A unicorn mermaid. For some reason these two mystical creatures seem to parralell in time. Why not mix them into a magestic creature.

Watercolor Mermaid Paintings

Honerable Mentions watercolor mermaid paintings

These next few didn’t quite make my top 10 but figured they deserved to be included.

Ariel and flounder

This is similar to the Viridecent art, but all disney. They illistrated our favorite princess into watercolor heaven.

The Little Mermaid Ariel and Flounder 11 x 14 inches Print
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Stain Glass Mermaid watercolor

This next piece is by an Etsy artist named La renaissance Girl and she can actually make you into a mermaid painting! Her artwork consists of many different mediums and styles. Check out her work!


Watercolor Mermaid Paintings

Mermaid and Lotus Flower

This photo feels like it should go in a yoga studio. Anyone else feel that way? I love the dark red colors the the contrast of teal.

Watercolor Mermaid Paintings

I hope this helped you find a good watercolor mermaid painting! There are so many fun ideas to add mermaids to your home decor!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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