Make Me A Mermaid Drawing: Etsy Artist Draws You As A Mermaid

April 30, 2018

Have you ever wondered what you would look like as a mermaid? I did! Introducing La renaissance Girl. A busy artist name Erin from San Diego who sells her art on Etsy.  She does a variety of styles and mediums but specializes Mermaid illustrations. Interested in what you would look like as a cartoon mermaid?  Reach out and asked her to “Make Me A Mermaid!”

Who is La Renaissance Girl?

La Renaissance Girl

So many interests, so little time… that’s me! I’ve been an artist all my life. Defiantly born with an insatiable curiosity for learning (most subjects), for creating (many mediums) and for exploring (I have classic Wanderlust). I take delight in living life the the fullest with passion, truth, and Joy.

I am almost constantly creating, but I get distracted as easily as I get fired up, hence my seemingly endless pile of unfinished projects. My focus is wide, which is both a blessing and a curse. I’m a Renaissance Girl because, well, I can’t decide what I am. But maybe that’s okay!


Mermaid Unboxing

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Make Me a Mermaid

Make me a mermaid

Truth be told, these pictures don’t do it justice.

I was so taken back by how it turned out! I’m in love… it’s beautiful. Erin does a great job communicating with you throughout the whole transformation process. We started by sending a few of my personal pictures for character reference. She wants to see what your hair, eyes, and facial features look like. She will ask for a few “inspiration” pictures if you have a style in mind. Next steps are poses, colors, and background.

I really wanted to be underwater with flowing long hair. I liked the side view but felt like I needed something in my hands. She suggested a shell which turned out great!

Make me a mermaidErin sent me some concept sketches making sure we were on the same page. She is great with alterations if you have changes you want to make. Originally, had my hair parted in the middle. I almost never wear my hair that way and asked for more of a side part.

 I would have never guessed that this sketch (which is really good) could turn out into such a beautiful detailed Mermaid art piece.

 The blend and highlights in my hair are perfect. I have long ombre brown and gold coloring in my hair. I love the rosy cheeks and highlights on my eyes and cheekbones.

Make me a mermaid

The detailed fin is perfect! I love the different highlights and almost blur together. Lovely texture.

 Make me a mermaid

Because I was suspended in water, I wanted there to be “some” background. Erin had the idea for sunlight from the surface and a few sporadic bubbles that also catch the highlights of the sun.

Make me a mermaid

Thank you so much for making me a mermaid Erin! I think this would be a fun idea for a Mermaid gift

for kids or mermaid friends.

Reach out and ask Erin to “make me a mermaid.”

You won’t regret it!

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