Mermaid Aqua Discount Code

Mermaid Aqua discount code

Mermaid Aqua Discount Code for 12% off!


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Emma is able to take the look of a silicone mermaid tail and make it affordable for Mer-folk everywhere. She will get your measurements and have the tail ready in 1-2 weeks then shipped from China. The fin is comfortable and easy to put on with the ankle strap attached between the feet. The fit is great as it’s custom-made, and the fabric can be a spandex, neoprene, or scuba fabric.

I highly recommend this tail if you want something more than a basic tail, but not quite ready to purchase a silicone tail. Thanks for making these beauties so affordable Emma!


Natasha Olfati
Instagram: @natashaoh
Morgan Miller
Instagram: @morgmille
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