Mermaid Aqua Tail Review: The Next Generation Of Mermaid Fabric Tails

June 15, 2018

Mermaid Aqua Tail

Recently, I stumbled across the website Mermaid Aqua while on my search for new mermaid products and was instantly intrigued! These are not your basic fabric mermaid tails! There are so many great fabric tails out there but for those who want something more, but not interested in investing in a silicone tail, this is a great option! This tail is made out of a spandex material but her new line is all made out of scuba fabric!

Introducing Emma Chen of Mermaid Aqua!

Mermaid Aqua Tails

Hi there! I’m Emma, and I embarked on this project to design an amazing practical mermaid tail for swimming purposes. I started researching fabric mermaid tails in early 2015 and started making them in September 2016. The first mermaid tail I found was a Finfun and thought:

“I could make one of these!”

Nature is the best teacher and I get inspired watching fish swim in water with their vivid color and dynamic drifting effect. Betta fish are actually the main inspiration for my tails.

Creating beauty is my passion allowing people to feel like a beautiful mermaid is rewarding for me. There is nothing like it!  People feel powerful, and encourages protecting our oceans and rivers around the world.

I so much cherish the nice-looking silicone tail for its wonderful design and realistic appearance. However, some people see it as costly, weighty and somewhat bulky for their liking.

So I took it upon myself to craft a piece that retains those amazing aspects of mermaid tails while reducing the general cost using vibrantly printed fabric instead of the silicone tail.

Mermaid Aqua Tails

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Check out more of here tails HERE!

Mermaid Aqua Touch of Fire Tail

Mermaid Aqua Tails

Emma graciously sent me her Touch of Fire Tail which I am currently obsessed with. I’ve never worn anything like it. I LOVE the longer fluke and the extra pectoral fins.

This was one she had in stock and is slightly short for me BUT she totally customizes tails for her clients. You can even show her a color or pattern you want. Watch out world! Here comes Emma!

Mermaid Aqua Review
  • Monofin
  • Fit and Design
  • Fabric Quality
  • Customer Service and Website
  • Cost

Review Summary


This is a great step for beginning professional mermaids! It is not a big bulky silicone tail but it’s much more than a basic fabric tail. Emma custom designs these tails and they can be made and shipped within a few weeks. The fin is larger for moving through the water and has a comfortable fit.


These tails are more expensive than normal mermaid tails but they do have more fabric and aspects to them. Mermaid Aqua is a smaller company which has its own pros and cons.

Mermaid Aqua Tail Review


Mermaid Aqua Tails

The monofin is actually really easy to put on considering this style is a closed bottom fluke and you can’t take it out of this particular style (others have zippers). Having the ability to easily insert your feet into the monofin is a huge benefit with fabric tails. You can easily scrunch it down and insert your feet. It’s not as easy in a silicone tail. The strap around your ankles actually hooks and unhooks in the middle so it’s easier to access rather than on the sides.

It moves well in the water with the extra plastic supports attached to the fin. However, because of its large size, is not as agile as some tails. It does make for some crazy good photography though! This was at Spring Lake in Austin Texas with a scuba collaboration with Dive World Austin! I got to do a real underwater photoshoot. Modeling underwater is not as easy as it looks!

Mermaid Aqua Tails

Fit and Design

Since these are all custom made, Emma can design them for your body type! She had a Touch of Fire Tail in stock that she sent me which was a little short and tight around the hips making it see-through. On the other hand, it had a nice blend of my actual skin! Wearing a lighter nude color swimwear bottom worked well.

Fabric Quality

Mermaid Aqua Tails

This particular fabric is a polyester/spandex duo but specifically for her tails. She says:

It is made with unique swimsuit fabric with a perfect color combination, durable and stretchable enough to allow great mobility in all direction. The tail is washing machine friendly. Use cold water preferably, and spread flat to dry.

Her new line consists of Scuba fabric which is much thicker and durable than spandex material.

Customer Service

Emma is super talented and wants to make this her full-time income someday! It takes her team 1-2 weeks to make the tail then send overseas. She is very nice and easy to speak with.

Feel free to reach out and let her know what you are looking for!

Our talented designers carefully drafted these new styles with the scales made to have 3D textural designs. The fins were perfectly designed while keeping in mind real fish and mermaids fins(hip fin, heel fin, dorsal fin). The patterns are more amazing when wet and thereby giving that dazzling and sparkling appearance like a mermaid.

Mermaid Aqua Tails

Price $216-285

These tails are double the cost of most fabric tails but for good reason! Handmade and custom designed to fit your body. You can even give her example pictures of a tail you want her to make and she will do it! Amazing!

I feel this price is completely fair for what you are getting. Silicone tails are super fun but costly, weighty, and bulky.

If you want a good in-between tail I highly recommend Emma with Mermaid Aqua!

Thanks Emma! I really love what you are doing and can see your passion and creativity in all your tails!

Let’s help Emma fulfill her dreams of becoming a full-time tail maker!

Check out her website and make sure to follower her on Facebook!

Mermaid Aqua Tails

Models include:

Morgan Miller
Instagram: @morgmille
Natasha Olfati
Instagram: @natashaoh
Photography by:
Trista Alley
Mark Rosseisen
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