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December 12, 2018

mermaid sayings

Within the mermaid community, there are an incredible amount of puns and mermaid sayings and mermaid quotes that are frequently used. Therefore, the amount of swag we can wear to alert other Mers when we are around is pretty high.

Check out these top mermaid sayings online with some swag that goes along with it!

Top Mermaid sayings

Beach please, I’m a mermaid

“Beach Please! I’m a mermaid” is a top favorite because the sassy attitude that goes along with it.  This saying sums up about every other mermaid saying there is. Mermaid mugs make a great gift idea for anyone in need!

Beach please, I'm a mermaid

I can’t run, I’m a mermaid

Not necessarily a motivational quote, but those of us who have mermaid tails know we would rather be swimming than running! Wearing this shirt is just being honest.

I can't run, I'm a mermaid

Mermaid hair don’t care

I love the feeling of messy beachy hair. Why not express your feelings through a mermaid outfit? Isn’t this mermaid typography cute?

Mermaid Hair Don't Care Shirt

Mermaid Mama

This is for all you mermaid moms out there! For most of us, this love started with the Disney Princess Ariel in The Little Mermaid, and now impacting our little girls. Isn’t it crazy how the love of mermaids can last your whole life? I saw a fun shirt for pregnant women saying “We’re hoping it’s a mermaid.” So funny!

mermaid mama

We mermaid for each other

An inspirational quote for you mermaid soul mate. Whether that is a friend or significant other, this is a great t-shirt for mermaid gifts for the holidays or a mermaid pillow in general.

We mermaid for each other

Mermaids are real

Well Duh! Of course, mermaids are real! I’m standing right here! These are my favorite kinds of mermaid shirts!

mermaids are real

call me on my shell phone

The classic funny quote for our Shell phones. Honestly, the puns in this industry are ridiculous. This is a cleaver and funny way to get another Mers attention! This would also be really fun on a mermaid cell phone case, or greeting cards.

Call me on my shell phone

Mermaid vibes

What do you think Mermaid Vibes are? I think they are the vibes that scream “I want to be at the beach right now!” At least you can think of the beach while warming up to some coffee with your mermaid mug.

Billabong Girls' Big Mermaid Vibes Tank, Beach Glass, S
Billabong Girls' Big Mermaid Vibes Tee, Cool Whip, XS
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Billabong Girls' Big Mermaid Vibes Tank, Beach Glass, S
from $17.95
Billabong Girls' Big Mermaid Vibes Tee, Cool Whip, XS
LG Mermaid Vibes PopSockets Stand for Smartphones and Tablets - PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets

I’m really a mermaid

No better way to let the cat out of the bag then tell the world you are actully a mermaid! I’ts crazy that in the last 10 years, people can actually make a living as a mermaid! Did you know that there are professional mermaids in Florida that swim at the Weeki Wachee springs? These shirts can also be a funny human costume for Halloween.

Im really a mermaid

Mermaid off duty

Rather than “lifeguard off duty” you have have a mermaid sign!  Grab a mermaid off-duty shirt and let people know what your true passion is.

Mermaid off duty shirt

Resting Beach Face

This has some more adult humor to it. Most of you know what RBF means. In the mermaid world, it means we have a relaxed beach face when we are close to the ocean or even by a pool. It’s hard being a cute mermaid!

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No matter what your favorite mermaid saying is, know that you are mer-mazing and not to change anything about your salty self!


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