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December 28, 2018

shell phone

“You use to call me on my shell phone” is a play off of the Drake Song but fits perfectly in the mermaid culture. Using our cell phone like a shell phone makes being an everyday mermaid possible.

Have you seen this version with Sponge Bob?

Check out this fun punned merchandise for shell phones.

Call me on my shell phone merchandise

A classic tank is a nessessity for every wardrobe. Perfect for the beach, or an undershit throughout the year.

I love these tassels! What fresh ideas they come up with. So sassy!

Make sure to check the product details as some of this clothing needs to be washed in cold water. Etsy has some really cute options.

A real life mermaid is a possibility now! The next best thing is clever T-shirt. Love this mint color.

Call me on my shell phone

A comfy sweatshirt for those days you can’t make it to the beach due to weather.

Have you seen those mermaid makeup brushes? Now you have somewhere to put them!

A trucker hat has so many possibilities. Don’t leave home without one!

shell phone case

Taking this pun a step further, now you can have a cell phone case with the saying on it.

This is an iphone 5 case but there are plenty more! Whether it’s an iphone 6 or iphone se they have what you need!

call me on my shell phone

What about a mother of pearl phone case? It’s beautiful!

This is a really funny “shellphone unboxing” and it actually rings! This takes the meaning “shell cell” to a whole different level.

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