Mermaid Leggings – Choosing Your Land Legs In 2018

January 18, 2017

Mermaid leggings

Mermaid Leggings are growing in popularity and like most things, the good comes with the bad.  How can you tell which fabrics are cheap, and which will make you feel like a Mermaid rockstar? Hopefully, this blog post will help!


DO: Consult a sizing chart before purchasing. Nothing more frustrating than feeling like a stuffed sausage!  The sizes usually come in S M L XL (some XXL) rather than a number (like jeans). If you are buying on Amazon, make sure they are not Asian sizes. If so, order a size up or maybe 2xs bigger.

DON’T: Buy leggings with cheap fabric. The $3 leggings are enticing but don’t do it! You are worth more than that! make sure they have more than 12% spandex which makes them considered stretch leggings.

DO: Consider length. Not all body types are the same. Some lengths look better on others. That doesn’t mean you are less of a Mermaid. Whether you have curves or no curves, you rock those hips. You have full-length leggings or capris to choose from so pick which works best for you.

DON’T: Overlook comfort. We wear leggings because they are more comfortable than pants. Am-i Right? Right.

Cheap Mermaid scale Leggings

Not all women’s Mermaid Leggings are created equal. As booty-lisous as the models make them look, check the fabric and customer reviews before buying.

The most common is the Polyester Spandex Duo.

These can get tricky. I ordered some cheap shiny emerald green fish scale leggings from Amazon and can’t say I loved them. I wore them for a night out and was pretty miserable the whole time. They were not as stretchy as I needed them to be, and if I bent over, I had to make sure not to show any “skin”  around the waistline as the fabric would get pulled down. Not to mention… in between the fish scales, you could be see through if stretched. Maybe I had the wrong size…




The Mermaid leggings to watch out for are below 12% spandex. Polyester is not very stretchy, to begin with, but will hold its shape, which can be a good thing in some cases.











The upsides to polyester-spandex are: you can get great colors and mermaid prints. These shiny scales are hard to come by! They do make a great addition to Halloween costumes if you only plan to wear them once in a year!













Spandex Mermaid Leggings

The leggings with more Spandex in the mix are a better option. Again, try to find some with a higher than 12% spandex which will give you stretch.











They will most likely have some polyester to get the fun colors to the fabric, but the more spandex the better. This means the material will be thicker and will stretch better.











Spandex leggings are known as Wet/dry leggings. This means they can be for everyday use (workout, casual wear etc), OR swimming. They won’t fade as quickly as other fabrics.  A lot of swimwear is made out of the verified Polyester spandex fabric nowadays.










Check out these Wet/Dry Leggings by The Mertailor!

Use promo code: MOLLY10 for a 10% discount!!!

You’re welcome!

You can also see my personal detailed review for Mertailor leggings for more information! Spoiler alert: I love them. It’s the same material they make fabric mermaid tails out of.





Gift of Nylon

Nylon has the ability to create a soft, smooth look and feels more natural than the poly spandex combo. This style is often more expensive because Nylon is such a sturdy material, but are also the best sellers.











For workout attire, nylon has the ability to soak up water which is nice for wicking water, but not so great for drying. Nylon doesn’t dry as fast as the poly-spandex material. They are not recommended for the water.











These are recommended for sports and are considered Yoga Mermaid Pants. They are water wicking, durable, soft, stretchy, and breathable. Again, they are generally more expensive but will last you forever. A great wishlist item for Amazon prime!










Cotton Blend Spandex

A cotton blend is better suited for everyday use but not working out. It is the most breathable fabric but will show sweat marks like no other. The cotton-poly spandex combos work and can actually give you the benefits of all 3! You get those great colors, stretch and breathing room.









Cotton leggings are not considered Wet/dry leggings and not recommended to wear in the water as cotton takes a while to dry.












If they are made of 100% cotton (or close too) be careful not to get them too big or they will bunch at the knees. Too small, and you might be dealing with see-through fabric. Remember, don’t wear cotton leggings for working out. Just go for the Mermaid Yoga Pants instead.










I hope this blog post is helpful. Comment below if there are any brands that you really like and we can share with my mermaid readers.


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