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December 23, 2018

mermaid mom

This post is for the ladies who consider themselves to be a mermaid mom! That love for mermaids still shines brightly as we age. This love might have come from the Disney movie the little mermaid, but never the less, we get excited everytime we see a mermaid! There is a ton of merchandise that have to do with this theme. They don’t all say “mermaid mom” but still let people know you are a believer. The mix of sayings include:

  • Mermom
  • Mermama
  • Mermaid Mommy
  • Mermaid Mama

Mermaid mom clothing

Check out this cute typography on a classic mint green t-shirt. Would look super cute with this outfit.

mermaid mama

A mermaid shirt works great as a gift idea if you need one! Super comfy and soft!

mer mama

Comfortable v-necks or scoop neck shirts are a necessity for any closet.  It’s nice to know, not just little girls get away with these themed shirts! Love that these mom tees exist.

What do you think about these graphic tees and tanks? What a fun illistration of a mermaid.

Mer Mama tank

A soft and comfy tank for the beach or a day at the pool.

A mermom t-shirt or tank will get some smiles no matter where you go. A scoop neck tank also works great for working out!


There are some mermaid dad shirts and sweatshirts that are out there but not as popular as the mermaid mom shirts.

For those days that you can’t get into your mermaid tail, this sweatshirt is perfect for cuddling up to on those cold winter days.

mermom sweatshirt

Mermaid Mom Merchandise

A mermaid mom mug is a very safe birthday gift if you need any ideas!

mermaid mom mug

Are you a new mom and now consider yourself a mermaid momma? This comes with a sassy attitude and carefree spirit.

Mermaid Mug Cup

These mermaid bracelets on Etsy have a funky look about them.

mermaid mama bracelet

Maybe you just need people to know you are a mother of mermaid.

mermaid mom car decal

Sometimes you just need a funny mermom sticker.

mermom decal

I hope this post has given you some fun ideas for mermaid saying clothing and merchandise. Let me know which one is your favorite. If you are looking for other mermaid sayings, click here!

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