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January 4, 2019

mermaid off duty

“Mermaid off duty” is a play on words from the popular “Lifeguard off duty” signs you may see around the beach. This mermaid saying eludes to the mermaid life that you have, but might not be participating in at the moment. This fun merchandise can be good for gift ideas, home decor, or added to a mermaid outfit. Let me know which one you like best!

Mermaid off-duty Clothing

This classic off duty mermaid tank top will give some strong mermaid vibes where ever you go!

The red on this tank top make it look even more like a lifeguard sign. Perfect for any mermaid lover.

This graphic tee shirt design should look familiar! A funny shirt that only ocean lovers will understand.

A women’s coral mermaid off duty t-shirt looks like really comfy with these jeans.

mermaid off duty

A long sleeve t-shirt or mermaid off duty sweatshirt comes in handy when the weather is cold outside. A great item to add to your Christmas wishlist!

mermaid off duty

Trucker hats are not dad hats anymore! Rock it as a mermaid mom!

Need some shade from the sun? A perfect gift idea for your best friends.

Mermaid Off Duty Merchandise

Need a wine glass? This saying also comes on tumblrs.

It’s the small and simple things in life. This mermaid decal with a shell can be small for your computer, or large enough to fit on your w

mermaid off duty

A cell phone cover is perfect for mermaid accessories. They can be changed out super easy, and come in so many varieties to choose from!

mermaid off duty

Mermaid off-duty Home decor

Need some home decor ideas? A wall hanging for the bathroom, or by the pool!

mermaid off duty

A comfy pillow for those long business days or for those late night mermaid parties you go too.

mermaid off duty

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