Complete List Of Mermaid Accessories

October 2, 2018

mermaid accessories

Sometimes you just need a little bit more mermaid in your life. These mermaid accessories can be worn with every outfit and will help you feel like a mermaid all day long.

Your Complete list of Mermaid accessories

Mermaid purse

So stylish! This clutch purse has moving glitter. A good size and sturdy material incase it drops.


Mermaid Cell phone case

Cell phone cases are so unique and expressive of personalities. They are easily changed, and farily cheap to buy.


Mermaid sunglasses

Sun is out! Such cute mermaid sunglasses at a really good price. Would match perfectly with your mermaid swimsuit.

mermaid watch

Not many mermaid watches for adults out there but this is a stylish gold watch with a mysterious mermaid.

mermaid hat

We all need a day off! Love these grunge hats. Super comfortable and perfect when you don’t want to do your hair. Wear it to the beach, for a hike, or by the pool!

mermaid scarf

Getting cold in your area? A mermaid scarf will warm you right up! Below is more of a fashion statement but I love that mermaid green color.

mermaid crown or headband

Wearing this headband will make you feel like a mermaid queen!

mermaid accessories


Mermaid Hair clip

A smaller verison to the above, a mermaid hair clip can be worn anywhere!

Mermaid Jewelry


Mermaid jewelry has a particular place in my heart. I would buy it all if I could!  From rings to necklaces there are so many cool pieces of art out there. How in the world can you pick?

mermaid accessories


Mermaid keychain

This keychain would be a perfect mermaid gift for your daughter who just got her license!

Mermaid belt

Truth be told, the only time I could see myself wearing this is in Jr. High during my punk stage but hey, it’s a mermaid belt with a seatbelt buckle. Cool!

Mermaid sequin backpack

Sequin Fabric is so iconic for mermaids. A backpack is a great way to use them! If that is to “showy” for you, there are printed mermaid backpacks that are super cute.


Mermaid gloves

Not really for warmth but a fun accent to a costume or party outfit.

mermaid boots

I am just impressed that these excist! Opened toed sequin boots. Mermaid shoes are a thing!


Mermaid sequin Jacket

These bomber jackets come in different colored sequins and actually look really cute on. What a fun addition to our mermaid outfits.


Nail polish

Buy some cute mermaid colored nail polish or some fake nails to wear out. There are some crazy cool ideas if you have the time and artistic ability to decorate them!


Mermaid lipstick and Makeup

Mermaid makeup has such a wide range. You can go from a basic holographic lip color, to a full blown mermaid queen. Incorporating little accents are fun during the week so don’t feel like you have to go full blown makeover.

Let me know if there is a product I missed to add to the list!

Photo by Artem Bali from Pexels

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