Mermaids Are Real Merchandise And Other Cleaver Sayings

December 28, 2018

mermaids are real

Deep down we hope this statement is true. The ocean is only 5% explored so we could be correct in declaring “Mermaids are real!” ┬áThe belief in mermaids has been around long before Ariel in Disney’s The Little Mermaid movie ever came out. From Greek mythology sea creatures to fairy tales, these half-human half-fish creatures are making a huge splash in the 21st century. They have been featured on movies like Pirates of the Caribbean: on stranger tides, and on a fake documentary from Animal Planet, but there haven’t been any real mermaid sitings documented.

Rather than shouting our love from the rooftops, maybe you could just wear a shirt or sport some merchandise. Check out these cute items with our deepest desire on them.


Mermaids are real Merchandise

An Ariel purple water bottle will help you stay hydrated during those long days without the sea water.

Trucker hats are a classic nessesity when going to the beach. Why not have one with gold wording on it?

It’s the little things in life right? Like little stickers you can put everywhere.

Need some home decor ideas? A pillow will get a conversation started, and hopefully some fun stories that go along with it!

How cute is this?!? A small keychain with creative typography.

Cell phone covers are an excelent way to expess yourself. They are easily exchangable, and come in so many styles.

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