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December 19, 2018

resting beach face

RBF refers to a certain consistent facial expression, but for mermaids, we call it “Resting Beach Face.” This means you have beach vibes all the time! Us mermaids live life as eternal beach lovers and will spend as much time next to the ocean as possible. When we can’t be our mermaid tails, we opt for clothing or merchandise that has a big statement about who we are. Check out these fun “Resting Beach Face” mermaid sayings merchandise and clothing. Enjoy!

Resting beach face clothing

Resting beach face shirt for the win! Love the 80s sunglasses. These funny graphic Tees can many anyone smile.

resting beach face

This women’s t-shirt is perfect for those lounging around days.

resting beach face shirt

A sunny beach shirt for a sunny day.

Resting beach face tanks

Women’s tank tops come in real handy! No woman’s closet is complete without at least one!

A perfect summer tank for those days in the sun. Life is good 🙂

Womens tank tops are a must for going out in the summer sun but can also be used for working out.

resting beach face tank


A hoodie always comes in handy for those mermaids that struggle with the cold weather.  Don’t worry! The summer will be here sooner than you think!

resting beach face


We love how cute this typography is! I can’t wait to snuggle up in this sweatshirt!

resting beach face

Do you have a designated vacation shirt? I would be totally happy with this little gem. Use the hood to get some sleep when flying, or layer if the weather gets cold.

Resting beach face merchandise

T-shirts can be really great gift ideas for special occasions, but you can also give mermaid merchandise. You need to make sure your friends have a sense of humor to give them any of this stuff! Love that beach face tote bag!

Need an old hat with some additute? Complete with aged spots!

Or take the classic trucker hat.

A coffee mug is a safe bet because you KNOW your friend will use it.

Don’t for get you can purchase a fun makeup bag for your mermaid makeup brushes.

Cell phone cases are inexpensive and easy to switch around.

Don’t forget the beach face tumbler!  These stainless steel tumblers come in handy at home and on the beach.

resting beach face


Have a mermaid BFF? Get them a best friend gift they will remember!

resting beach face

Looking for something fun for the next summer vacation?

Thanks for stopping by! I hope this helped guide you to a great” Resting Beach Face” product!

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