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December 17, 2018

BEACH PLEASE im a mermaid

This is a funny play on words but still has a sassy cute personality about it. “Beach Please I’m a mermaid,” says “Girl! You know I want to go to the beach and lay out all day” or ” Yes! I want to wear anything to do with the ocean or sunshine” I could go on, but this adult humor mermaid saying says it all about your inner mermaid.

Beach please, I’m a mermaid shirt

These premium t-shirts from Etsy are perfect! I love shell graphics.

Beach pleas I'm a mermaid

These come in larger sizes so don’t be deceived by the model!

beach please shirt

Who wouldn’t love this shirt! What a great gift idea!

beach please

A graphic tee is a very safe mermaid gift if you need ideas!

Beach please I’m a mermaid tank tops

This tank is perfect for a beach vacation! You might even meet another mermaid on the beach!

beach please Im a mermaid tank

This cozy beach time tank top is fitting for any day in the sun.

beach please IM a mermaid tank

I like this tank as it has a looser fit. Sometimes you don’t want to wear anything tight.

beach please

Beach Please I’m a mermaid sweatshirts

Maybe you need to wear this on casual business days when you can get away with a sweatshirt at work. Great for those days you need to feel a little closer to the ocean waves.

Beach Please Hoodie

This sweatshirt is great for evenings with a summer night breeze, when you just need some long sleeves.

Beach Please i’m a mermaid Accessories

This mermaid custom wine glass for those who like to “drink like a fish!”

This doesn’t say “I’m a mermaid” but still a fun as a cell phone cover.

This is a little more “adult humor” than some of you would like. 100% natural soy was. So Fancy!


You can pretty much get away with anything with computer decals!

beach please


A coffee mermaid mug is a great gift that you KNOW they will use.

Let me know if I missed any of your favorite “Beach Please” merchandise!

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