Mermaid Halloween Costume – Ideas For Outfit and Accessories for 2017

October 11, 2017

Halloween Mermaid Costume

It’s that time of year! Ready to get that mermaid Halloween costume out? Don’t have one? Never fear! You have come to the right place. Check out these Mermaid Halloween outfits to help inspire yours this year.

What are you doing for halloween this year? comment below!

The little Mermaid Halloween costume

Ariel the Little Mermaid from Disney is always a classic. Purple top, green bottoms, red hair. BOOM!

This blue and purple corset has good wiring and is true to the sizing chart. The tail fluke is foam so it will keep its shape.  I think this costume counts as sexy, without showing to much skin.










Skeleton Mermaid

A dark skeleton Mermaid dress? Yes, please. This is such a fun alternative to for those sexy mermaids that want to be scary. Halloween is my favorite time of year and this skeleton mermaid costume is where it’s at!

Did you notice the seashells!










Hipster littler mermaid halloween Costume

How Clever! You don’t really need to be “under the sea” to be an adult mermaid.  This is a fun easy costume for those that don’t want to wear a skirt all night. You might already have some fish scale mermaid leggings and a seashell tank or shirt.  Now all you need is some red hair and hipster glasses!  Don’t have any of those? No worries, click the link below for the outfit.









Mermaid Halloween Skirts

Maybe you are just looking for a mermaid skirt? There are plenty to choose from but make sure to read the reviews. This skirt is a best seller on Amazon. Everyone loves it.  *They do recommend going up a size so take that into account before buying. Great addition if you are trying to create your own little mermaid costume.








Halloween Mermaid Tops

Looking for a sparkly Mermaid top?

I suggest looking at belly dancing tops for mermaid tops if you are buying online. They have beautiful designs that will go well with your mermaid skirt or leggings.

Another option is to make one yourself! Just buy a nude bra and hot glue seashells or rhinestones to make your own shell bra!. There are some great ones on Etsy if you need some ideas!



Mermaid Halloween Accessories

Alright mermaids, now that you have your mermaid outfit picked out, let’s spice things up with a few costume accessories!

Mermaid Crowns and hair accessories

Mermaid Crowns are huge on Etsy. They can be expensive so watch out. You can do some DIY style if you have something particular in mind.

Just need something simple to put in your hair? Here are some fun ideas:






Face Jewelry

What other time of year do you get to deck your face out with rhinestones and glitter?  Any color you can think of to match your Halloween mermaid costume is out there. You will need some sparkly accents to with your mermaid makeup!

Why not?










Mermaid Jewelry

Buying Mermaid jewelry is never a bad idea (winky face) You can make the excuse you are buying it for a Halloween party, and then wear it all year. Helps you bring out your inner mermaid during the workday.







Not going all out this year? We have you covered

I think this shirt is hilarious. A dabbing mermaid shirt? Pair that with some mermaid yoga pants and you are D-O-N-E! Who says you have to dress up like a Disney princess if you love mermaids.








Thanks for reading my fellow mermaids. If you have any tips or trick please comment below so my other readers will see.

Happy Halloween!


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