Top Silicone Mermaid Tails To Choose From In 2019 – With Discount Codes!

May 7, 2019

The world of mermaiding is getting super fancy, and having customized silicone mermaid tails is on the top of every Mers wish list! But which vendor do you choose to go with? This post highlights the best silicone mermaid tail makers on the market.

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Sea Through See

The proceeds from our tails fund ocean conservation: scientific collaboration, debris removal, and education.

Top silicone mermaid tails
Model Alicia Ward, Photographer: Jim Ward with

See Through Sea has some really breathtaking designs and really put so much detail and time into each tail. A portion of your purchase goes to an ocean conservation effort so you know they true mermaids through and through.

Starting Cost: $3,500

Average Weight: 20 lbs

Shipping Time: 2-3 months

Customized: Yes, everything customized

Monofin: Finis varieties


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The Mertailor

We take much pride and receive much pleasure in making the dreams of our customers come true when making their tails. We not only want you to love your tail, but we also want you to be a member of our Mertailor family.

Top silicone mermaid tails
Photo by Legacy Photography.

The Mertailor is an American made, well-known brand within the mermaid community. This team from Flordia has a real passion for fulfilling dreams. Their tails are always customized to the customer and have constantly evolved through time.

Starting Cost: $1250.00

Average Weight: 28-32 pounds (Without additional ornamental fins)

Shipping Time: 26-30 weeks (As of 4/2/19). Can fluctuate during the busy season.

Customized: Yes, every order is custom made

Monofin: Patent pending Flowing Fin System, our flukes are their own monofin. There is no need for an integrated monofin inside the fluke

There is currently no discount code for the actual silicone tails, BUT they have some tails with a silicone fluke that you can get $38 off! Check out the reviews below and use the discount code MOLLY10 for 10% off select items.


Finfolk Productions specializes exclusively in realistic, fully swimmable mermaid tails. From our fully custom silicone tails to our hyper-realistic neoprene tails with fully sized flukes, Finfolk has a tail for every kind of mer. Not only do we offer the highest quality tails on the market, but we also have a wide variety of other mermaid accessories and apparel to make you land or aquatic look complete. At Finfolk we work with the clients closely ensures that we are able to create the tail of their dreams.

Top silicone mermaid tails
model: Cara, Mermaid Syrena @singaporemermaidpodofficial photographer: Joshfather photography, @thejoshfather

FinFolk Productions has a few different styles of tails to choose from. All are customized to fit your body and have bright colors worthy to drool over! Contact these guys over email to get your tail started!

Starting Cost: $5,500

Average Weight: 25-35 lbs

Shipping Time: With our old system of taking orders, the average wait was 18+ months. The new system we are going to be putting into effect closer to the end of our current waitlist will have an approximate production time of 1-4 months!

Customized: Yes, all customized

Monofin: Finis Trainer


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Mermaid Kat

We are making each silicone tail with lots of love and per hand. We are here to make your dreams come true 🙂

Top silicone mermaid tails

Mermaid Kat is well-known throughout Europe and Australia as a woman who does it all. Underwater modeling, teaching, designing, and even environmental activist efforts, she is one leading lady to keep your eyes on! These Silicone tails have a strong large monofin so you know you are going places with this thing.

Starting Cost: $1500.00

Average Weight: Between 8 and 15 kg, or 17-26 lbs

Shipping Time: Depending on the design we usually take 2-6 weeks to complete the tail.

Customized: Customers can choose between pre-made designs and their unique custom designs

Monofin: Mermaid Kat Triton or Mermaid Kat Hydra


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You can also purchase fabric tails from Mermaid Kat!

mermaid regalia

I love to paint tails. So whatever your dream pattern and colors are, I will make sure you have something unique and special.

Top silicone mermaid tails
Models @redneck_ryn_mermaid, and @life_of_brynn_ Photographer

Mermaid Regalia is a special effect artist and that doesn’t come as a surprise when you see her tails! Her styles seem to be more daring and whimsical if that is what you are looking for!

Starting Cost: $1600$ CAD for a basic $2500 CAD for a full color

Average Weight:  around 30 lbs depending on body size and extra fins.

Shipping Time: Shipping is around a week and production varies based on time of the year, temperature, and how many orders are currently being worked on.

Unless custom sculpting is required most tails are finished within 8 weeks.

Customized: Yes each tail is fully customized to the client

Monofin: I can accommodate most flukes for an additional charge but the standard is a Finis rapid monofin.


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I hope this post helps you find a good direction for your future silicone mermaid tails! Swimming in one of these is about as close as you can get to be a real mermaid.

Please comment below which one you picked and why you love it!

model- Hannah, Mermaid Skye @thevirginiamermaid photographer: Finfolk Productions

Cover photo from Finfolk

models:Cara, Mermaid Syrena @singaporemermaidpodofficial and Bryn @finfolkproductions

photographer: Joshfather photography, @thejoshfather 

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