Mertailor Kids Guppy Tail Review and Discount Code

September 25, 2018

Mertailor Kids Guppy Tails

Look at all these kids mermaid tails and get so jealous… where were these 20 years ago? I would have DIED to swim in one of these.  Recently, I had the pleasure of doing a Mertailor Kids Guppy Tail unboxing with my cousin Mikki who just so happens to love mermaids. She didn’t know this, but there was a little kids tail included! Check out this video! She is so adorable.

Her smiles seriously slays me…

She absolutely loved the tail and couldn’t wait to try it on! We waited for her dad to get home from work and surprised him as a mermaid princess!

Mertailor Kids Guppy Tails

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For those shopping around for a kids mermaid tail, I would recommend looking into Mertailor. Here are a few reasons why:

Quality product

Mertailor is one of the first to start producing swimmable mermaid products and consistently innovate their inventory. The older tail version was called an Eco Tail which was alright as a starter tail. However, I am really excited they paired up with Mermaid Linden for her Body Glove Monofins.

Body Glove Adult Mermaid Linden Monofin
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These monofins work well for adults and kids! Designed to propel you through the water fast. Made with an adjustable TPE strap and quick release buckle, these guys are really comfortable! The ends have rubberized edges for safety and durability which is needed for these fins to last! It’s nice the ends are bendable. When inserting the monofin, I usually have to bend the tips to get it in and out of the fabric tail.

Mertailor Kids Guppy Tails

Zipper Insert

Mertailor has always done a zipper insert. This means there is a zipper on the side of the fluke where you insert the monofin, and zip so the monofin isn’t shown. Some prefer the pullover method or bendable monofin where there is no zipper and the younger kids can usually put the tail on themselves.

Mertailor Kids Guppy Tails

The zipper insert is more difficult to put together, but once in they work great. The best part, they are unnoticeable and works great for photography. With some pullover tails, you can see the monofin poking out the bottom. Not a huge deal but nice if you want to take some cute pics.

I spoke with Mikkis mom and asked her some thoughts on the tail. She said;

“I love this tail! It’s super quality and I think it’s totally worth the price. The monofin is a little hard to get together and I think haveing a zipper on the other side would be nice but overall I really love it. My little Mikki loves wearing this tail and likes people to know she is a mermaid princess!”

Reasonable Price

Most tails are between $80-$120. Mertailor kids Guppy Tail is right in the middle with the monofin, swim top, and tail costing about $100. There are plenty of colors to choose from and because the straps are adjustable, these little guppy’s can grow into them.

Mertailor Kids Guppy Tail

As with any mermaid product and kids, make sure safety is your first priority. Mikki still swims with floaties on and is always supervised when in the water. Even as an adult you need to be a strong swimmer to handle your legs being so confined.

Feel free to use my discount code for 10% off a Mertailors kids guppy tail!

Mertailor 10% off discount code

Yup! That smile still slays me!

Mertailor Kids Guppy Tail

Comment below with any questions!

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    1. I love the mermaid tails. I too wished they had these when I was younger. I love pretending to be a mermaid ????‍♀️ when I was young. I’m glad to see my granddaughter Mikki the mermaid is having her wonderful day with her new mermaid tail. Thanks Molly for making dreams come true. Kathy Ganem

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