The 2 Tails Mermaid Tail: Review and Promo Code

June 18, 2018

Introducing a new line of fabric tails to Everything Mermaid! Welcome, The 2 Tails!

A fun family oriented company from California! You might have seen their Youtube channel The 2 tails.

The 2 Tails

The 2 Tails have been around for about 10 years. It all started when two little girls decided to use their mom’s sweatpants to imitate a mermaid tail. Wanting a tail so badly, they used whatever they could find!  Their processes improved over time, and people started noticing at the pool! They decided to start making affordable tails moms and kids can enjoy.


So here we are today, committed to keeping our oceans clean and excited to share our tails and tales with you! 

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The 2 Tails

  • Monofin
  • Fit and Design
  • Fabric Quality
  • Customer Service
  • Price

Review Summary


This tail is great for beginners, kids, and for traveling purposes. They make the tails long so you can roll them down or grow into them! It was made to fit in a suitcase and super durable no matter which way you fold it. It is also designed by a Cirque Du Solie tails so it works great for performances. The monofin is flexible so it looks realistic in the water.

I really want to point out they are ECO-FRIENDLY with recycled material to help our environment! Awesome!


My ankles touch when I was swimming but this might be my own body type. The monofin and tail can be hard to separate as there is no zipper and no open bottom entry. You have to fold the monofin and take it out of the tail. Not impossible but easier said than done.

The 2 tails mermaid tail review

Ely, the owner, sent me two very different tails to try!

The first is a Sunset Coral Tail with vibrant colors of orange, yellow and blue. The second is the Siren Tail, modeled after the Hulu Series “Siren.” This is a dark grey with a silver shimmery strip down the sides.

She included some matching tops which are modeled further down in the article.

The 2 Tails Monofin

This monofin is flexible, durable and easy to put on. The 2 tails specifically designed to fit in a suitcase! How clever! The shape is flat with a neoprene cover.

There are two holes in the cover to insert your feet with an added velcro strap for security, comfort, and added power to your kick. It has an aesthetically pleasing shape and flexible for agility and tricks in the water. It’s actually designed after the Cirque De Soleil performers! You get power from the push against the fin, and the following pull with the secured strap around the ball of your foot.

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The2Tails monofin takes its inspiration from the natural movement of marine animals. Designed with the help of some Cirque de Soloeil graduates, these monofins have a secure strap that holds the ball of the foot to the blade giving a powerful kick both pushing and pulling. Our monofin was specifically designed for mermaiding, they have a low profile but give plenty of surface area to help you glide through the water. No more bulky fins!

It’s worth noting that the monofin is made from recycled plastic. This stuff isn’t cheap but as Mermaids are the mascot for protecting the oceans, I think this is a great move by The 2 tails. Thank you for helping our environment!

As a side note, I did notice my ankle bones touching as I was swimming. This might get uncomfortable if you swim/wear for long periods of time. It could also be my weak ankles but wanted to note it!

The 2 Tails Fit and Design

The 2 Tails

Sea Coral Sunset Tail

The 2 Tails

The fabric tails are designed to be long and to fit all different sizes and shapes. You have the option to pull it all the way up to your mermaid top, roll it down or even cut it off as the fabric doesn’t run.  This length is nice as kids grow you can rest assured it will fit next year! I had my model friend Morgan help me out with a few pictures. She looks stunning in those colors!

The 2 Tails

The Siren Tail

The Siren tail is a new design for The 2 Tails! The fit was tighter for me and feels like a pleather material but is made from a polyester spandex duo. I had to get into the water to pull it all the way up as it didn’t stretch much. I recommend going a size larger for this particular tail.

Once on they both felt great in the water with no drag. This is my friend Natasha! She makes a great Siren don’t you think?

The 2 Tails

The tail design is a closed bottom fluke. This means it doesn’t have a zipper or a bottom entry for the monofin.  This style has pros and cons! The pros are, you don’t have to worry about zippers breaking or seeing the monofin with an open bottom tail when swimming or taking pictures. The cons are, it’s harder to separate the monofin and tail. Luckily, it is not impossible.

Check out this video to see how to do it! That monofin is really flexible!

Truth be told, the tops didn’t fit well on my particular body shape. It felt like I was falling out the sides. However, when we did the photo shoot, the models said they liked them. If you are on the curvy side, I  recommend finding an outside matching color top that fits you well.

The 2 tails fabric Quality

The fabric was different between the two tails but still quality. The Sea Coral Sunset was a regular polyester spandex feel and had this bright fun color feel to it.  The Siren tail fabric was less stretchy but felt secure swimming in the water. The shiny silver strip on the sides feel soft out of the water but are more scratchy in the water. The swim top had a lot of the “shiny fabric” and the strings felt uncomfortable next to my skin.

The fabric dried easily and didn’t seem to get dirty even when doing the photo shoot in the river!

The 2 Tails

Did you know that The 2 Tails use recycled and eco-friendly fabric?  From my knowledge, they are the only brand that does.

website and Customer service

The customer service is very helpful and quick to send out my tails. The website is easy to navigate with other options for purchasing mermaid products. It also has some of the cutest pictures of little kids wearing these tails! The random bubbles floating up on the screen can be distracting, but I also appreciate feeling underwater.

The 2 Tails

The 2 tails Cost: $115-$130

This price is in the range of other mermaid fabric tails. However, The 2 Tails have frequent deals happening so make sure to check those out before purchasing.  Every order comes with a necklace and if you order two tails, they come with carrying backpacks. You can also purchase “Happy Hats” which are little covers that go over the corners of the flukes to protect them.


This is a great brand for kids, adults, and traveling Mermaids. I love the shape and appreciate it’s ability to fit into my suitcase. Even though this is a closed fluke bottom and the monofin is not as easy to take out, I really don’t notice because they can dry all together so easily! The fabric is quality and the extra length on top gives you options to customize yourself or grow into.

Make sure to check out The 2 Tails and follow them on Facebook!

the2tails discount code

Thanks, Eli for “The 2 Tails!”

Greyson Carlyle
Morgan Miller
Instagram: @morgmille
Natasha Olfati
Instagram: @natashaoh
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