MerTailor EcoTail: Review And Discount Code

July 20, 2017

Mertailor Discount Code

Mertailor is a well known brand throughout the Mermaid Community. They specialize in swimmable Mermaid wear from leggings to professional silicone tails. It is not a question that these guys are experts at their craft! I am excited to review one of their products called the EcoTail including 10% discount code. Check out my MerTailor EcoTail Review below!

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About MerTailor

MerTailor was founded back in 2006 by Eric Ducharme who was inspired at a young age from Weeki Wachee springs in Florida. His passion grew into a business and now his website specialize in Mermaid tails, swimsuits, mono fins, and leggings. The fun doesn’t stop there though. They also have an assortment of accessories for Men, Women and Kids. Check out their website! You won’t be disappointed.

Mertialor EcoTail Review SUMMARY

  • Monofin
  • Fit and Design
  • Fabric
  • Customer Service and Website
  • Cost

Review Summary

The Mertailor is always innovating their tails and has recently come out with more tails that I need to review! This specific review is for the Eco Tail


The Mertailor uses quality fabrics with new designs coming out all the time! The Eco tails are known for their unique fluke design with a high center. The zipper aspect makes for great photography and they all come with matching tops! The fluke tips have double fabric so your tail will last longer.


The monofin is all plastic with a solid wall between your feet. It’s smaller and allows the water you to move through the water easily but isn’t as comfortable as other monofins on the market. Inserting the monofin into the tail can be a challenge.


The most distinguishing aspect of the monofin is the high curve in the middle. This broad surface is not just for looks! Its’ design reinforces an efficient dolphin kick that builds leg and core strength.

I like the unique shape as it adds a different contour to the fluke. It makes it disguising characteristic for Mertailor brand. However, the over all size of the fin is small. This makes for a faster dolphin kick but you don’t get as much travel time if that is what you are going for. I wouldn’t recommend this fin for ocean swimming.

The shape has two inserts for you feet that is separated by a wall of plastic and one solid ankle brace on the back. This allows for an easy insert once your tail is on and your feet are in place.

The fin is more secured to your feet with the tail on, but be careful if you are swimming with the monofin alone. It can fall off (from experience).  The feet inserts are fully made of plastic which isn’t the most comfortable. As for esthetics, there are no Mermaid “cankles”, or duck feet so it looks really good for photos!



Mertailor has an edge on the market with how their products fit.  The waist wasn’t to tight or high on my stomach and the fabric fit well all over. The monofin was harder to insert. It took a little elbow grease to actually get it inside the fabric tail, but once inserted, it fit nicely with the design and zipped easily.

One great feature is at the end of each fluke tip. There is a doubled up fabric insert where you put the tips. This helps with the wear and tear of the tail. Great idea!


The fabric is true to the name Mertailor. Beautiful colors and comfortable.  The fabric felt thicker than other tails that I have tried which is important. Your tail does go through some wear and tear. If you are swimming in a pool, beach, or river there will be some scuffs.

This tail was not see threw which helps when doing a photoshoot. The deep blue color with the green accents looks really good against the rocks.

This is my friend Jen who is wearing the tail. She really liked the top and it complimented her shape.


Amazing! Props to the staff of Mertailor! They are always responsive and helpful. You know a company has a great leader when the staff supports him the way they do Eric. You will not have a bad experience with this company. The website has great photography so make sure to check them out!


The eco tails are on the higher end for payment.  The price for the Tail and Monofin are $121. If you want to get a matching swim suit it is an extra $36.  Because I believe in this brand, I think it is a good product when searching for a fabric tail. I can’t say that the monofin is my favorite however … Even with the unique shape, the comfort level is low. I also prefer my flukes to be bigger so I can move faster through the water. However, this is a personal preference and I have a background in swimming. There are mermaids out there that like the smaller tail as it is more agile through the water.


MerTailor is a great brand and I like what they are doing. The Eco tail is a good fabric and fit but the monofin isn’t as comfortable that other monofins. On the plus side they have a unique shape and look great for photography as the ankles are true to form. The price is slightly higher so it depends on what you are going for. For photography or pool swimming I think this is great. For ocean swimming, I would go with a larger monofin.

Check out their selection as well as their designer line of tails!

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Photography credits go to the amazing Elise Airmet

Location: Bull Creek Park, Austin Texas

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