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Mermaid Hair Don't Care

Mermaid Hair Don’t Care – Clothing and Merchandise

One of the joys of being a mermaid is the long beachy windblown hair. The feeling our messy hair is what makes it beautiful. These t-shirts are perfect for those certain days you need to explain your mermaid hair. The fun "mermaid hair don't care" clothing and merchandise is a great way to bond with other merfolk. Let me know which one you like the most! Mermaid hair don't care clothing The little mermaid is so classic and possibly the person…

resting beach face

Resting Beach Face – Clothing And Merchandise

RBF refers to a certain consistent facial expression, but for mermaids, we call it "Resting Beach Face." This means you have beach vibes all the time! Us mermaids live life as eternal beach lovers and will spend as much time next to the ocean as possible. When we can't be our mermaid tails, we opt for clothing or merchandise that has a big statement about who we are. Check out these fun "Resting Beach Face" mermaid sayings merchandise and clothing.…

BEACH PLEASE im a mermaid

Beach Please I’m A Mermaid – Clothing and Accessories

This is a funny play on words but still has a sassy cute personality about it. "Beach Please I'm a mermaid," says "Girl! You know I want to go to the beach and lay out all day" or " Yes! I want to wear anything to do with the ocean or sunshine" I could go on, but this adult humor mermaid saying says it all about your inner mermaid. Beach please, I'm a mermaid shirt These premium t-shirts from Etsy are…

Amazon Prime Gifts

Top Mermaid Gifts From Amazon Prime For Under $30

Need to get a gift quick? Amazon prime is the BEST for finding great gifts and getting them quick! Check out these top mermaid gifts from amazon prime for under $30. If you haven't signed up yet for Amazon Prime, click on this link here for a 30-day free trial. Top mermaid gifts from Amazon Prime Under $30 For adults Mermaid Jewelry This always makes sense. Giving a sparkly peice of mermaid jewerly will warm a mermaid sould! There are plenty…

I can't run I'm a mermaid
mermaid sayings

Top Mermaid Sayings With Products You Can Buy!

Within the mermaid community, there are an incredible amount of puns and mermaid sayings and mermaid quotes that are frequently used. Therefore, the amount of swag we can wear to alert other Mers when we are around is pretty high. Check out these top mermaid sayings online with some swag that goes along with it! Top Mermaid sayings Beach please, I'm a mermaid "Beach Please! I'm a mermaid" is a top favorite because the sassy attitude that goes along with…

Mermaid Life

Mermaid Life – A Clothing And Jewelry Brand For Mermaids

Mermaid Life is a chic line of mermaid clothing and accessories with headquarters in St Augustine, Florida. Back in 2015, Milena (the owner) decided to venture into the fashion world with a few mermaid-themed items and prompted them at trade shows. Setting up a small booth, everyone surrounded her and expressed their love for mermaids, asking if she had any more products. Now, just a few short years later, she has dozens of retailers all around in North and Central America. Check…

Top International Mermaid Classes

Top International Mermaid Classes

The love for mermaids has been in every country, it is just now being expressed at it's fullest with the ability to take mermaid classes where ever you live! This trend is growing and who knows when it will stop. Here are the top International mermaid classes you can take around the world. [show-map id='4' controls='top-left'] If you are currently featured and would like to update the information, please fill out this questionnaire. If you are not featured but feel…

Top mermaid classes

Best Mermaid Classes and Camps In The USA – By Map

The world of mermaiding is expanding! Everywhere you look there are statues, myths, and now mermaid classes to make your dreams come to life. Check out these top places in the USA to learn how to swim, and become more like a mermaid. Every corporation focuses on different skills and age groups. Some include photography and even choreography for synchronized swimming. Make sure to check out the link included for more information. If your organization is not listed here and…

Top Ocean Conservation Efforts

Top Ocean Conservation Efforts Every Mermaid Can Get Behind

Mermaids are the bridge between land and sea. We are strong advocates for ocean conservation efforts all around the globe and pose as protectors to our great waters. As the mermaid community expands, so do our efforts to help the already existing groups out there helping planet earth. Get involved in an ocean conservation effort that you are passionate about, the time is now! Check out the list below and how to get involved. Ocean Cleanup Marine Animal Rescue Coral…