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Mermaid Outfit
Mermaid Tights

Ultimate Collection Of Mermaid Tights

I love mermaid clothing! Whether it's t-shirts, skirts, leggings or swimwear. It's so fun to show off your passion as a mermaid onland. Something I recently stumbled across was mermaid tights. I usually only wear tights for Halloween but here are some creative choices for everyday or party ideas! Mermaid Tights These are the tights that first caught my eye. The illustrations are subtle yet distinct for a tail. Only really noticable if you are sitting with your legs together.…

Mermaid Cat

Top 15 Ridiculously Funny Mermaid Cat Products That Really Exist

The world of mermaids never ceases to amaze me. I was scrolling through Society6 and stumbled across some mermaid cat illustrations. "How funny," I thought. I soon found myself diving down the rabbit hole of mermaid cat items you can buy online. Needless to say, it was an interesting and entertaining evening. Who would have thought to combine a household animal and a mythical creature would mesh so well? Hopefully, this is as entertaining for you as it was for me.…

Mermaid Backpack

Top Mermaid Backpack Ideas For The School Year

School is approaching and your little mermaids are needing a new backpack. WELL! It just so happens that you can get a mermaid backpack. I would have died to have one of these as a kid! The catagories I found were: Mermaid backpacks Little mermaid backpacks Mermaids and unicorn backpacks Mermaid toddler backpack Mermaid scale backpack Mermaid sequin backpack Mermaid backpacks Mermaid backpacks These have a mermaid fabric pattern on them. So cute with all the illistrations. Every age loves…

mermaid nails
Mermaid Shirts

Top 20 Mermaid Shirts You Can Buy Today

Are you convinced you're a mermaid walking around on land? Well, you're not alone! One of the best ways to find other Mer-mates is wearing some Mermaid shirts. You will be surprised how many people will comment that they love mermaids as well. Here are my favorite top 20 mermaid shirts you can by online today! Let me know which one you like the best! Shell Top Mermaid Shirt Can't go wrong with the mermaid shell bra on the T-shirt.…

sequin backpack

Mermaid Sequin Backpack For The New School Year!

Can't get enough of Mermaid sequin fabric? Neither can I! With school coming up around the corner I thought I would help you find a fun sequin backpack. Let me know which one you decide on! Green and Black mermaid sequin backpack This screams "I'm a mermaid" and you are bound to find others who share the same passion as you when wearing this backpack around! [asa2_img img="3" size="LargeImage" width="375" height="500" align="center" show_title="no" show_button="no"]B07B42MB7J[/asa2_img] [su_button url="" target="blank" style="soft" background="#8bb4cd" color="#ffffff"…

Mermaid Piñata 

Mermaid Piñata: To Complete Your Mermaid Party!

Are you hosting a mermaid party? You even thought of a mermaid piñata, good job! It's gonna be a blast! I have had a few mermaid themed parties in my life and there are some really creative ideas out there. Check out these mermaid piñata ideas and let me know which one you decided on! Mermaid pinatas Mermaid Birthday Party Pinata This one is my favorite. I love that her hair is made out of the confetti paper. And the detailed…

Mermaid Swimsuit

Find Your Mermaid Swimsuit For The SUMMER!

Swim Suit season is coming (or here for some) so it's time to start looking for that new hot summer suit. This year, why not get a killer mermaid swimsuit to show off your sexy "mer-bod." I did some research (so you don't have to) and found some crazy cute stuff. Check it out and let me know which one you decide on! I have divided up the sections to: Little Mermaid Swimsuits Mermaid Shell Top Bikinis High Waisted Mermaid…

Bubble Chandelier

Bubble Chandelier: More Magical Than I Imagined

I recently did a post on Mermaid home decor and stumbled across a Mermaid Bubble Chandelier. Could there be anything more magical to put into your home?  This is a classy modern way to "brighten" your inner mermaid and help you feel at home. Why? Because "Life is de bubbles under the sea." I researched every kind of bubble chandelier so you don't have to. Check out what I found! The following can be known as a different type of…