Fin Fun Leggings – Review And 10% Off Promo Code

January 10, 2019

Fin Fun Leggings

It is a cold day in Knoxville TN, but I couldn’t wait to show off my Fin Fun Leggings! These radiant colors can brighten anyone’s day. We headed to the river to get some fun waterside pictures and I couldn’t believe how much they stood out.  Keep reading for my in-depth review and promo code for these beautiful leggings.

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Fin Fun all started with Grandma Karen in Rigby Idaho. One of her granddaughters asked for her to sew a Mermaid tail for swimming. With Grandma’s sewing skills and a child’s imagination, they created the first Fin Fun tail in 2009.  Now they produce products like mermaid blankets and toys! Check out their Fin Fun website for all products!

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Fin Fun Legging Review

Every brand of leggings fit differently. I noticed that these Fin Fun leggings were easy to put on and instantly felt comfortable. The rainforest colors are mesmerizing, and I love how you can see faint scales throughout the flowing rainbow colors.

Something I did notice right away was the high waistband is tighter at the top and hugged my stomach rather than the thicker waistband that “holds” everything in. I personally prefer a thicker waistband, but some, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Fin Fun Leggings

You can also see the leggings are longer and can wrap around the heels of my feet. I am 5’6 and have short legs so that might have played a part in it. However, I actually like the longer leggings. If you do Yoga, you might have noticed this is common for Yogi’s. This helps when practicing difficult positions that need more stability against the mat.  The longer fabric can also be bunched up around the calves if you are wading through water and don’t want to get them wet!

Fin Fun Legging Fabric

The fabric is a high quality, poly/spandex blend which can stretch 4 ways. The fabric is very “breathable” meaning it doesn’t feel heavy, tight, or to restrict in movements. In humid conditions, this is a must! It’s also moisture-wicking so when you work out you won’t feel like you are super sweaty.

Because the fabric was thinner, I did see some of the colors fade lighter when I did certain moves. This is caused by the fabric stretching and can become see-through. This is only a problem if you are wearing “undies” you don’t want to show.

Fin Fun Leggings

Fin Fun Legging Design

These leggings can make a big statement where ever you go! Great for yoga, playtime, and everyday use. Here I am wearing a grey sweater as it was cold outside, but these colors can match with anything!

You can’t see it but there is a secret front pocket that you can hold small items in. For those runners out there this is a game-changer! Perfect for keys, and big enough for small electronic devices.

Fin Fun Leggings

I love the mix of vibrant rainforest colors with the faint mermaid scales. These will make people double-take what you are wearing. The blue cool colors at the top trickle down to the warm reds, pinks, and purples. LOVE!

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Fin Fun Legging Cost

The cost of these leggings is VERY reasonable. For girls, they are around $25, and for women, it can range from $30-$35 depending on where you buy them.

Fin Fun Leggings


These leggings have stylish designs at a reasonable price. The fabric is breathable and flexible with movement and can be used for multiple activities. They can become see-through if stretched too much, and the waistband is smaller at the very top so keep that in mind.

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