Plus Size Mermaid Pride, Products, and Fin-spirations

October 29, 2018

Plus Size Mermaid Products

Hello, you fabulous mermaids! I was recently contacted by a few mermaids who wanted me to do a post on plus size mermaid products to support the full-figured mermaid community. I was beyond thrilled! The more I researched the more I am inspired. You might have seen websites like Society of Fat Mermaids which is all about body positivity and diversifying the image of mermaids. Youtube stars like LoeyLane model a little mermaid swimsuit on an LA beach and says, “I’ve never gotten so many compliments in public!

In this post, I will tell you where to get plus size products, tails and tops. Check it out!

Plus Size mermaid Products

Mermaid Plus size leggings

Mermaid leggings are the closest we can come to having our flippers on land but they don’t always come in plus sizes. Check out my post for plus size mermaid leggings to find more options!

Mermaid plus size swimsuit

There are some really cute swimsuit options out there in one or two pieces. Take some advice from LoeyLane and love the skin your in!

Plus size mermaid shirts

Get comfy in your mermaid shirt!

Mermaid Maxi Skirt

Dont let this picture decieve you. This skirt sizes come up to 2XL and looks fabulous!

Plus size mermaid halloween costumes

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. Maybe I just like dressing up but there are some fun option for plus size mermai costumes!

Did you know Ursula is the only plus size disney villian? Say what you want about Ursula but she has a sense of style and can make a sexy halloween outfit look good.

Plus Size mermaid apparel

Check out Chè Monique with the Society of Fat Mermaids and her store of Fat mermaid illustrations. They come on super comfy clothing and can be shipped anywhere in the United States!

Plus Size Mermaid Products

Model – Mimi @thefullersideofthings

Chè Monique is an advocate for body positivity and has created a site where you can purchase “Fat Mermaid” clothes, mugs and towels. Her 4 main objectives are to:

  • Encourage you to find your inner merbabe and embrace a joyous wholehearted life.
  • Diversify the image of merfolk.
  • Remind the world that FAT PEOPLE and FAT MERMAIDS are sexy, powerful, intelligent, capable, beautiful, free-spirited, fun-loving and worthy.
  • Spread messages of diversity and body positivity in a fun way.

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Plus Size mermaid Tails

There are not a lot of mermaid tails for plus size mermaids but they do exist! Finfolk has a great selection of fabric and mystic tails that come in sizes up to 3XL. Most other tails only go up to an XL.

Check out FinFolk Productions Tails Here

Plus Size Mermaid Products

Plus Size Mermaid Products

Plus Size Mermaid ProductsSwim tails is another option that has sizes up to 4XL

Plus size mermaid tops

Ok ladies, let’s get real for a second.

Finding larger mermaid bras is not the easiest thing in the world. They either don’t come in larger sizes, or the ones that are large are not cute at all! Well, thanks to Mertailor, you can get a mermaid print top that will actually fit and look incredible. It was super impressed with the design and quality of the top. Featured below is an XL which fits larger than a DDD! The thick straps are comfortable on the neck and I didn’t feel like I was falling out during this photo shoot. Click here to read the full review. 

Make sure to use my 10% off discount code if you decide to purchase!

Plus Size Mermaid Products

the2tails discount code

Let me know if I have missed your favorite plus size mermaid brand or item and I will add them to the list!

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