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November 3, 2017

MaskCara Beauty Review

Hello Fellow Mermaids! I recently went on a hunt to find a great makeup brand for my mermaids. Weather you are doing a photo shoot, or changing lives at a birthday party, you need something that will make you look fabulous, AND last all day. The makeup line Maskcara Beauty is about to take the makeup industry by storm. Not only are these products cruelty and toxin free, they are vegan as well!  With compact cases and customizable pallets, you can easily create your personalized makeup kit.

They can even help with skin tone matching! Just email me at [email protected] with a natural light selfie and a MaskCara Beauty rep will analyze and email you back with suggestions on colors for FREE! You just have to let them know the PARTY CODE: 12278.

Let’s get started!

In this post I will review the products, my thoughts on each, and a personal makeover.

I went a little crazy and got a few brushes, 4 contouring and foundation bases, 8 eye shadows, a blush, and a setting spray. With a certain number of eye shadows and blushes you get the compact cases which I will go over below.

Maskcara Beauty Brushes

  • B Squared Bronzer and Blush Brush– One side is domed for blush, and the other is for bronzer (the big and fluffy side). This creates a soft natural finish for smooth skin.
  • I Shadow Everything Brush – This tool is versatile and all you need for your eye shadows.
  • 30 Second HAC Brush – One side is fitted for the contours of your face, and the other has a tip to use down the nose, chin, and beneath the eyes.
  • Perfecter Sponge-Cotton Candy (not shown in picture) – When damp, smooths and softens your makeup.

The brushes are high quality and soft on your face. Synthetic hair is used as they promote cruelty free products.  I liked the HAC brush the best. It was smooth and felt good under my eyes.  Using for the first couple times, it felt like the brushes were too soft to pick up the makeup. However, the more I used it, the better it picked up and applied on my face.

Maskcara Beauty Cases

Mini Double Decker Compact Case

These compact case are magnetized! MAGNETIZED… Welcome to the 21st century ladies. We can now personalize our makeup kits without include a bunch of colors that end up in our makeup graveyard. We all have that favorite color that goes out before all the rest.

I don’t have a great picture featuring why this is a double decker. The first layer has a mirror. There is another layer (underneath) opens up to store more makeup or your contour pallets.


I really appreciate this personalization aspect as I pride myself on being as minimal as possible. As a blogger, I want to give honest feedback to my readers and what you to know the quality of the case looks nicer online than they actually are. They do serve their purpose! In reality, they are layers of thick cardboard wrapped in a marble print paper cover. My additional critique is the makeup squares didn’t fit as well as I had hoped. I either had to come up with a different configuration to make them fit, or use a little force to get them into place. Not downplaying the genius of it all! Just noting my experience and feedback.

Maskcara Beauty Base and Contours

  • Honey Illuminator
  • Aura Highlight
  • Amber Hightlight
  • Olive Contour
  • Nude Blush



These were the mix of contours and highlights I used. They went on smooth and didn’t make my skin feel “suffocated” as I normally do with foundation or base.  My normal makeup routine consisted of a little blush so using all these products was slightly intimidating at first. However, tt gave my skin a bright glow which I liked!

Maskcara Beauty Eye Shadow

Don’t Judge me…

I went all out on these eye shadows. They have a mix between matte and shimmer colors. The majority are natural colors that apply smoothly to your eyes.  I didn’t need to keep applying, but the colors showed up well with a few brush strokes.

  • Basic Eye Shadow
  • Bend and snap Eye Shadow
  • Bright Eyes Eye Shadow
  • Emerald City Eye Shadow
  • Finn Eye Shadow
  • Glided Eye Shadow
  • Kin Eye Shadow
  • Sabrina Eye Shadow
  • Trust Eye Shadow

A closer look at some of my favorites!

MaskCara Beauty Spray

Stay Outside Setting Spray With SPF

This ladies is the “Secret sauce” of the makeup world.  It has SPF in it, and will help your makeup last all day! This is the main seller for my Mermaids that need help with being close to the water, or out in the sun. This will not make it water proof but will help from sweating it off.





 Check it out! A cute little standardized makeup compact case… Just for me. Sigh…





Molly’s Maskcara makeup makeover

Ok! Let’s just get it out there. I don’t look great… It’s the morning with no makeup. Just wait!





Let’s get some contour on! In the double decker compact case I put all the base and contour products. I usually don’t wear base so this took me a few times to figure it out. I like using this on my nose as it is slightly on the bulbus side.




Do you see the dark contour color? A few tutorials I read said to make a number 3 on your face. Around your hairline, check bone crest, and under the chin.





 After the dark contour, I moved on to the base. This acts as a concealer and foundations. I like this aspect as I like efficiency. I also use it as a base on my eyelids for the eye shadow to stick better.

Have you used a blending bud before?



They call it a perfecter sponge. You get it wet before use and blend blend blend. This helps smooth and soften your makeup without buffing off or soaking up the product.




 Ah, much better. I really like how it gives a natural look and a little glow.






I keep my blush on the top part of the double decker compact case with all my eye shadows. It’s actually a triple threat. Meaning, I can use it for blush, eye shadow, or lip gloss. Truth is, it’s my favorite product out of the bunch!




Are you blushing? No, just Maskcara






Ok! Let’s recap. I did the countour low and high lights, blended, put on blush.





 Now it’s time for the illuminator.






Not sure you can see the difference through the camera. I use my findertip and add a little to the top of my cheekbones and under the arch of my brow.





Oh hello Eyebrows!  The struggle is real. I touch up and fill in my eye brows. Curse you old age! It took me years to get to this point. When you first start doing eyebrow, you feel like Charlie Chapman. However, defining your eye brows pulls everything together. I used the brown eye shadow to fill them in.



Last I go over my face with a little bronzer to make it glow.






Don’t forget the setting spray! Feels a little weird spraying your face after it’s all done but for real! It makes it last all day long. Tip: cover your hair, or at least your bangs when you spray. The first time I did it, I didn’t cover my hair and it felt like I had beach spray in my hair.

A little bit of blush on my lips and BAM!



Final Product!

What do Ya’ll think?





I give MaskCara Beauty a big Thumbs up. Also, I look like Popeye in this picture 🙂





Eye Shadow Games

I feel the need to preface this section.

I am not a makeup artist. With my package they sent picture instructions on how to contour your face, as well as different ways you can shape your eyes!   Here are a few I tried with the different colors below.



Deep Crease



Two toned

Smokey Eyes

Which one do you like best?

Ok Mermaids, for photo shoots or parties, you want your makeup to last all day, and make you look like a Disney  princess. You are going to change some kids life that day. I recently did a Mermaid Parade the the look of those kids faces made it all worth it. Good think I was wearing Maskcara as it lasted all morning in the hot Texas sun. MaskCara Beauty is a way to personalize and compact your makeup for any occasion. It spreads on your skin well and has the ability to stay all day.

If you are interested in this product go to MaskCara Beauty to check out more of the selection. If you would like someone to color match your skin email me at [email protected] with the PARTY CODE 12278 and someone will contact you shortly.  There is an option for FREE SHIPPING with purchases over $75, and they often do raffles for free eyeshadow brushes for anyone that orders over $100. Enter the party code to win!

Also note there is a 30 day money back guarantee, so no need to stress if the colors are off or if you don’t like them. Try it out!

Please reach out with any questions!

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