2 Mermaid Hair Tutorials In 1 Amazing Video for 2017

January 23, 2017

Hey Everyone! My amazing roommate (and professional hairdresser) Kristen helped me put together a video of 2 Mermaid Hair Tutorials. The first is a Sexy Tossed Beach look with a blowdryer, the second is Full On Mermaid Curls using different sizes of curling wands

Main product used in the video: Sea Spray

Why use sea spray? Because we NEED the ocean in our hair 😉  AND because it has a gripping/grabbing ability to stick to each individual hair. This helps the hair avoid sticking to each other. This is the separation effect that you want to get for your Mermaid Hair.

Check it out!

Products used in the first video:

B&B Surf Spray
B&B Surf Infusion
Big Sexy Hair
Any Hair Dryer










Products used in the second video:

Lush No Drought
Lush Sea Spray
Multi-size Curling Wand








Our hair lasted a few days so worth the extra time it takes.

If you would like even MORE options, check out my post on 10 different ways to get Mermaid Waves. If you have short hair and need a little length, you can Choose a Mermaid Wig for a photo shoot or Event.

There you have it my Mermaid Friends! Hope you liked it!


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