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Mermaid Wig

Mermaid Wigs 2018 – Guide For Picking The Best One

Whether it be for a costume this Halloween or a mermaid photo shoot you might be looking for a mermaid wig to portray long flowing hair. This blog post will guide you through 6 easy steps to pick the Perfect Mermaid Wig. Let me know if this is helpful! Step 1: Get your wig measurements Get a soft measuring tape and go from the back of your scull to the front of your hairline. This image will help you determine…

Tutorial On How To Get Mermaid Hair

Typically... Mermaids have long Full Hair. Not to discriminate against the short hair mermaids. If you insist on the short hair look (which is also an option) but want to research hair dye, skip to the bottom. There are a few ways you can get this look. Wig It might be good in a photo shoot or for Halloween but what happens when you can't help but get in the water?  BUY HERE $10.99 Hair Extensions A better choice then…

How To Swim Like A Mermaid

Swim Like A Mermaid – How To Guide For Beginners

I grew up in the water. With a pool in the backyard, my sis and I would play Mermaids all day long. You think I am joking, but I remember sleeping in a swimming suit. These long summer days are where I picked up my love for the water, and the ability to do the dolphin kick. Inspired from the little mermaid, my sister and I would put sink rings around our legs and pretend it was a tail. This…