Top Mermaid Games: For Professional Mermaids In And Out Of The Water

February 1, 2018

Mermaid Games

Being a professional Mermaid for birthday parties is a magical profession. It can also be CRAZY.  Coming up with mermaid games to for kids can be challenging. Here is a list of ideas you can use for:

  • Mermaid pool games
  • Mermaid games for land or sea (pool)
  • Mermaid games for dry land only

I hope this is helpful! Let me know in the comments if there are any I missed!

Mermaid Games

The face when they see a real mermaid for the first time.

Mermaid Games for the Pool

Pool games are the most common when hired for mermaid parties. Parents will usually have a backyard or neighborhood pool to use. I recommend getting some pictures of the pool or doing a drive-by so you can prepare. Know where to change, how to get from one place to another, if there’s a dry area for land games, and what props to bring. Here are some ideas to add to your routine!

Mermaid Games

Surface Rides

Surface rides are when a child holds your shoulders as you swim underwater. Like a piggy-back for mermaids. This is only for the stronger swimmers or instructors that have good breath control. Make sure you have experienced before doing this at a birthday party. Safety first! Not sure how crazy the kids will get but the last thing you want is to much weight and not being able to surface.


Bring some hola hoops with you! Have the kids practice swimming through, or have them hold the hoop for you to swim through. Super cheap and can be played for hours. 

Mermaid Games



Go Fetch

“Go fetch” is the same as diving for toys but with the mermaid performer.  Usually done in the deep end so kids can watch the mermaid swim down and see breath control.  You can take this opportunity to show kids how to dive down to the bottom and pick up toys, opening their eyes in the water, or just have them sit on the side of the pool to rest for a second. If the kids are old enough you can bring pennies so they can “dive for treasure.”
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Tidal Wave (cannonball games)

Ever heard of cannonball? Have the kids jump at the same time to pick the biggest splash OR have them team up to compete against each other with “who can make the biggest splash”
 Mermaid Games

Seaweed and Coral (Mermaid Marco-Polo)

This is a”Marco Polo” spin-off. Seaweed and Coral are exactly the same but changing the words. One person will yell “Seaweed” while their eyes are closed. Everyone else will respond “coral” and the person with their eyes closed needs to locate them. Once touched they are out of the game.

Mermaid Training

If the kids are old enough and have their own fabric tails, teach them some mermaid skills!
Ask the children to blow bubbles, bob, keep eyes open in the water, handstands or make waves while holding on to the poolside.  This way, you can see the swimming abilities of each mermaid before moving onto games. If you want to get some of your own tails to share with the kids check out my discount page!
 Mermaid Games

Breath games

This can get really competitive so use your judgment with this one! See who can hold their breath the longest. Make sure to play in the shallow end with experienced little mers.

Mermaid Games

underwater Tea party

If you have semi-experienced swimmers with goggles, have a pretend tea party with them under water! Having a Beauty and the Beast tea set would be fun!


Finders Keepers

Some professional mermaids use sequin tails. Because this is a fabric with plastic beads, your tail will “shed” some scales. The kids will notice the sequins. Tell them, if they dive and find one, they can keep a mermaid scale for good luck! This can also get competitive so make sure they can actually swim and dive first!

Mermaid Games

Sharks and Minnows

Sharks and Minnows are great for older kids! One of them starts out as a shark and any minnow (anyone else) they touch turns into a shark to help find the minnows until only one is left. The last person to turns into the shark gets to be the shark on the next round.

Mermaid races

This one is also for kids with swimming experience. With or without tails, you can have them race from one end to the other.
 Mermaid Games

High Fins (handstand contest)

This is essentially a handstand contest but your fins are in the air! Teach them how to wave with their fins if they have a fabric tail.

Mino, Mino, Mer – (Mermaid Duck Duck Goose)

Duck, duck, goose with a twist! With swimming or wading in the shallow end. Great for little kids not comfortable with the deep end yet.

Mermaid Games for Land and Sea

 This next section could either be played in the pool, or on dry land. Meaning, if the water is too cold and no one wants to swim, what do you do? Here are some fun games to play in or out of the water!

 Red Fish Green FisH (mermaid red light green light)

Do you remember red light green light from your childhood? You start on one end of the pool (or yard), and the kids at the other. Say “green fish” and they can move toward you. When you say “red fish” they all have to stop! If the kids move during “red fish” they are out of the game. The first child to reach you gets to be the next caller!

Mermaid Games

Seahorse Says (mermaid simon says)

This game is similar to “Simon says” but with a mermaid twist. Give the kids instructions inside or outside the pool but they only move or follow instructions if you say “seahorse says” in front of the action item. If you don’t say the words, and they follow the action item, they are out! The last one gets to be the next Seahorse!

Supermodel Mers

Photography is a HUGE part of being a mermaid. Take some fun pictures on dry land, or in the water.

If the participants have a tail you can do photo shoots or a “mermaid runway” they can swim down, make a pose than swim back. Even better if you have a go pro to take pictures underwater. You can even make some extra money if they want to buy some photos from you. It might be a good idea to invest in a few kids tails for them to share if you like this idea.

Mermaid Games

Nursery Rhymes

This will take some creativity on your part! Take a common nursery rhyme and turn it into a Mermaid rhyme!  Teach this to the kids, and create a synchronized swim or dance routine!

Land or underwater ribbon dancing

Making ribbon wands is super easy or you can just buy them online. Have them play in the yard or even underwater!

Mermaid Games


Scavenger Hunt

This is a more ambitious option. Make a scavenger hunt for the party and hide seashells or other mermaid related things around the yard before they get there. You can say “a storm came and I lost all my seashells” and ask for help to find them.



Blowing bubbles

Ask the kids to blow bubbles above water and you will show them how to blow bubbles underwater!  If you use soap bubbles, they will usually float for a second or two on top of the water which kids love. If you wanted, you could get an electric bubble maker and just let it go! Only $20 so not a bad deal for a magical day with a mermaid.

mermaid games


Mermaid Games for Dry Land

 Pin the tail on the mermaid (donkey)

Same as pin the tail on the donkey but with a mermaid tail! Great for toddlers or little kids.


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Mermaid Crafts

Crafts are a great alternative for colder weather.  Have them cut out seashells, or make a paper mermaid crown with mermaid stickers on them!



Mermaid Stickers and Coloring Books

Did it start raining and everyone came inside? Bummer! Set up a table with mermaid stickers or coloring books! A good back up (just in case) if the weather is not cooperating like you intended.



Face painting

If you are even “semi” good at face painting you will be a hit! They even have scale template that you can use to make your guppies feel like a real mermaid.


Mermaid Games


Face Gems

Face gems are a good option if you don’t want to paint. They are better than glitter but still harder to clean up. You can give them out as prizes to wear for mermaid competitions.


Let’s have a splashing good time!

I hope this has been helpful. PLEASE comment below if I have missed any. I am sure there is a Mermaid out there that would love your ideas!

Mermaid Games

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