No Heat, No Hassle Hair Wrap Tutorial

May 3, 2019

Moon Curl Hair Wrap Video Tutorial

I love my long hair.  However, it eventually gets to the point of being so long, I just chop it off to my shoulders. The effort it takes to curl my hair is exhausting and I end up wearing a (way too heavy for my head) messy bun all the time.

About a year ago I started experimenting with wrapping my hair at night. Over time, I created the hair wrap that gives me great, effortless, no heat curls that last for days. Check out the results below!

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Hair wrap results

Results from the road

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Also, great for kids!

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    1. Thankyou for making this awesome product! I love love love my hair in this, and the best part is that i don’t feel completely ridiculous (only a little) walking around with my hair wrapped in this.
      Just a couple ideas – could you start making them in different colors, like an offwhite one for blonde hair? Just an idea.

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