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Mermaid Makeup Brushes

Mermaid Makeup Brushes Are A Thing! And I’m Ok With It

Have you seen these yet? Mermaid makeup brushes are A THING, and I'm totally ok with it. What better way to put on our Mermaid makeup eh?  These work great for Mermaid gifts  OR if you need an excuse to up your Mermaid decor. Before we start, let's chat about makeup brushes. What are all these suppose to do? This video will give you some insights if you have brushes you don't know what to do with.   Content covered in this post:…

Mermaid Shower Curtain Blog Post

Mermaid Shower Curtain

Are you looking to up your Mermaid decor and give your bath or shower room a makeover? Check out these fun Mermaid shower curtain, and let me know if you see any you like! The 4 sections include: Character Mermaid shower curtains Black and white mermaid shower curtains Mermaid scales shower curtains Just to make you laugh curtains Mermaid shower curtain Blue Mermaid shower curtain Beautiful aqua blue sea with black and white mermaid illustrations. This brings two different types of art to your…

Best Mermaid Tail Blanket Patterns on Etsy

Mermaid Tail Blanket Pattern – Top Favorite on Etsy

With so many mermaid tail blankets on the market, why would you want to buy a mermaid tail blanket pattern?  For a few reasons: Color Preference - There might be a specific color that's nowhere to be found to match your mermaid decor. Yarn Thickness or Style - While online crochet mermaid blankets can be quality yarn, you might want a special type or a certain material for your tail blanket. I've also had experiences where the tails don't smell so great.…


Mermaid Decor – For Bathroom, Bedroom, and More

Hello Fellow Mermaids, do you want your home to feel more "under the sea"? Let's kick things up a notch with some mermaid decor ideas! Whether you want to go all out or have a few hints of your mermaid passion around the home, this list will give you some home decor ideas of what's out there. BAthroom Mermaid Decor The bathroom is the most natural place to have mermaid decor.  A few seashells here, a picture of the beach or waves…

Best Mermaid Art and Where to Buy

Best Mermaid Art – And Where To Buy

Hello Mermaid lovers! Are you looking for some mermaid art to decorate your home? Check out these mermaid wall art ideas and where to buy them.  I know art is a personal taste and totally understand if you have a different opinion but I wanted to create a list so you knew what styles are out there. Let me know if any of the below move you or if there is an artist you really like! P.S.*I didn't want to…

Gift ideas mermaids

Mermaid Gifts – 24 Ideas For A Guaranteed Happy Mermaid

What do you get a mermaid lover? Oh... I have a "few" suggestions (sarcastic tone).  Hopefully, this post will give you some ideas for mermaid gifts that will be a hit this year for any Mermaid lover. Categories include: Home and Mermaid decor ideas Mermaid clothes ideas Mermaid beauty and bathroom Mermaid Jewelry Other Mermaid Gift Ideas Let me know if I am missing anything and add them in the comments below! [su_divider top="no" size="1"] Gifts for Home and Mermaid…

Fleece Mermaid Tail Blankets

Fleece Mermaid Tail Blankets Worth Buying

Fleece Mermaid tail blankets can be hit or miss. Some mermaid blanket brands on the market are great and worth the price, and others I suggest you pass on.  My main suggestions for finding a worthwhile fleece mermaid tail blanket are: Make sure it is quality fabric. Plain fleece will get old quicker and eventually feel scratch. Make sure you can insert your feet into the fluke of the tail. Having your feet come to a point in a blanket gets uncomfortable…

Crochet Mermaid Tail Blanket

10 Crochet Mermaid Tail Blankets To Check Out

Crochet Mermaid tail blankets are huge these days! Who doesn't want to cuddle up on the couch at the end of the day? What a great alternative to your swimmable mermaid tail so you can rock that inner mermaid on dry land. So! Where to start? Out of all mermaid blankets on the market, I enjoy crochet most. Compared to the fleece blankets, crochet blankets have a breathable fabric, and comfortable for your feet. They are easier to put on…

Mermaid leggings

Mermaid Leggings – Show Your Scales Off!

Mermaid Leggings are growing in popularity and like most things, the good comes with the bad.  How can you tell which fabrics are cheap, and which will make you feel like a Mermaid rockstar? Hopefully, this blog post will help! DOS AND DON’TS OF THE LEGGING WORLD DO: Consult a sizing chart before purchasing. Nothing more frustrating than feeling like a stuffed sausage!  The sizes usually come in S M L XL (some XXL) rather than a number (like jeans). If you are buying on Amazon,…