Mermaid Of Hilton Head

Meet Nina, The Mermaid Of Hilton Head

Meet Nina, the mermaid from Hilton Head SC! She is a full-time mermaid, with a passion for the environment. When she's not in the water, she is writinchildren'sns books, and supporting ocean conservation efforts. Keep reading to learn more about her! Where are you from? What do you enjoy filling your day with? I’m from Hilton Head Island, SC. and I don’t do much other than work. Rick and I put long hours in every day to grow the business,…

Mermaid Quiz

Mermaid Quiz – What Type Of Mermaid Are You?

Remember to share your results for the mermaid quiz on facebook! [interact id="5c991a02c6264b0014d208b4" type="quiz"] Not sure if this is your mermaid? Check out these different types of mermaids from around the world and comment which one you are and why you think it's a perfect match! Also, if you are interested in signing up for the monthly mermaid newsletter, enter your email below! Everything Mermaid Monthly Updates Email address:  

Types Of Mermaids

Different Types Of Mermaids – Which One Are You?

Throughout time, there has been a presence of mermaids. It might have been fairytales, folklore, art, or real-life accounts, but it's undeniable that they have played a part in human history. They haven't always had the same reputation. Some were symbolized as omens of evil and seduction, while others are good luck or fertility. Each is different in unique ways, just like you. Keep reading to know different types of mermaids, and which one you relate too! The term"Mermaid" is the…

Mermaid Tattoos
Fin Fun Leggings
mermaid off duty

Mermaid Off Duty – Clothing And Merchandise

"Mermaid off duty" is a play on words from the popular "Lifeguard off duty" signs you may see around the beach. This mermaid saying eludes to the mermaid life that you have, but might not be participating in at the moment. This fun merchandise can be good for gift ideas, home decor, or added to a mermaid outfit. Let me know which one you like best! Mermaid off-duty Clothing This classic off duty mermaid tank top will give some strong mermaid vibes…

mermaid vibes

Mermaid Vibes Merchandise and Clothing For Everyday Mermaids

Mermaid vibes roll on high tides! What do you think mermaid vibes even are? Most mermaids are happy just relaxing out in the sun with salty air, or swimming under the sea. Send out those positive vibes for everyone around you and show off your passion for mermaids. Mermaid Vibes Clothing A soft and comfy mermaid tank for the beach or a day at the pool. What do you think about these graphic tees? [asa2_img img="1" size="LargeImage" width="414" height="500" align="center" show_title="no"…

mermaids are real

Mermaids Are Real Merchandise And Other Cleaver Sayings

Deep down we hope this statement is true. The ocean is only 5% explored so we could be correct in declaring "Mermaids are real!"  The belief in mermaids has been around long before Ariel in Disney's The Little Mermaid movie ever came out. From Greek mythology sea creatures to fairy tales, these half-human half-fish creatures are making a huge splash in the 21st century. They have been featured on movies like Pirates of the Caribbean: on stranger tides, and on…

We mermaid for each other

We Mermaid For Each Other – Merchandise and Gift Ideas

Do you have a Mer-Soul mate? A best friend that shares the same love for mermaids? This love usually springs from the Disney movie the little mermaid, but there are history and folklore all over the world! No matter where this comes from, you can always find friends to say "We mermaid for each other." Check out this fun merchandise that helps you express your love for your Mer-Mate. We mermaid for each other gift ideas This mermaid saying usually…

Mermaid Linden

Meet Mermaid Linden – A Mermaid With A Mission

Meet Mermaid Linden! This lady is an inspiration for everyone in the mermaid community. She started her ocean education career back in 2005 when no mermaid tails even existed! Now she has a thriving monofin business and a successful Youtube station, with over 50 million views. She educates kids and adults about our oceans in a magical and memorable way. She travels all over the world with her tail sharing smiles, magic, and love. Keep reading to learn more about her…