Meet Nina, The Mermaid Of Hilton Head

March 29, 2019

Mermaid Of Hilton Head

Meet Nina, the mermaid from Hilton Head SC! She is a full-time mermaid, with a passion for the environment. When she’s not in the water, she is writinchildren’sns books, and supporting ocean conservation efforts.

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Where are you from? What do you enjoy filling your day with?

I’m from Hilton Head Island, SC. and I don’t do much other than work. Rick and I put long hours in every day to grow the business, but we don’t mind at all. It’s not really work if you’re having fun, right?

Where did you learn your love for the water?

I’m not sure actually. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t love water. I’ve always loved swimming, the beach, and being in or near water whenever possible.

Mermaid Of Hilton Head

What is your favorite part about being a mermaid?

The best part of my job is getting to pursue my passion on a daily basis by educating kids (and adults) about the small changes they can make in their daily lives to impact the future health of our oceans in a positive way. I love coming up with creative ways to educate and make learning fun and with our mermaid business, the possibilities are limitless. 

What do you think people can learn from mermaids?

My hope is that people can learn how to make day to day changes to help turn the health of our oceans in a more positive direction.

Mermaid Of Hilton Head

“Individually we are one drop. Together we are the ocean.”

What ocean conservation efforts do you support?

We support the Dolphin Project, Empty the Tanks, 4Ocean, Coral Restoration Foundation, and our local Sea Turtle Patrol Hilton Head. Really any organization whose heart is in it for the ocean we will support!

What are your favorite mermaid theme items or clothing?

I would have to say (fins down) the “Swim with mermaids not dolphins” t-shirt from the Dolphin Project.

Mermaid Of Hilton Head

What inspired you to write a children’s book?

Our business actually started because of children’s books. It was just an idea I had to educate people in a way that doesn’t make them defensive and make learning about serious issues fun instead of depressing. Our business expanded on that concept through the Mermaid Encounter Boat Tours, the Turn into a Mermaid Photography sessions, Mermaid U Swim School, and retail.

What do you hope to accomplish in your mermaid career?

My ultimate accomplishment as an anti-captivity activist is to build a sea pen where I can get Lily, my best dolphin friend, reunited with her family in a sanctuary environment. I really have a passion for educating about ocean conservation so I want to continue educating as many humans as possible about the small changes they can make day to day that can impact our ocean’s health. 
Mermaid Of Hilton Head

Any tips and tricks for a fellow mermaid?

Work together! We can get more done working together and our oceans face big issues that require all of us to address them. No mermaid is better or worse than another mermaid. We are all equals and our combined efforts are the only thing that gives the health of our oceans a fighting chance. 

Mermaid Of Hilton Head

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Thank you Nina! Make sure to follow her on social and make a visit if you are ever in South Carolina!

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